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大熊猫甜甜"与"阳光"登陆英国 - Giant Pandas TianTian and YangGuang land in Britain print version
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A big double package has arrived at Scotland today. Two Giant Pandas arrived at Britain, after 17 years in which no Panda has resided in the UK. The following article narrates this tale, but doesn't emphasize the big cost of the Pandas: Almost a million dollar per one year. The Pandas haven't been purchased permanently and will be returned to China in ten years.

2011年12月4日,英国爱丁堡(Edinburgh,UK),两只中国大熊猫 (Giant Panda)"甜甜"与"阳光"坐"熊猫快递号"[1]飞机抵达英国。17年后大熊猫再次登陆[2]英国。

来自中国的两只大熊猫顺利抵达英国苏格兰(Scotland)首都爱丁堡。 这两只名为"甜甜"和"阳光"的熊猫入住爱丁堡动物园(Edinburgh Zoo),耗资[3]25万英镑(GBP)(人民币250万元)为它们修建的熊猫馆[4]。熊猫经过两周的适应后将于16日与公众见面。


雌性[7]熊猫"甜甜"和雄性[8]熊猫"阳光"出生于2003年,来自中国保护大熊猫研究中心四川雅安碧峰峡基地 (China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda in Bi Feng Xia, Sichuan),将在爱丁堡动物园的新家居住10年。爱丁堡动物园的专家希望熊猫能够在此期间成功配对[9]生育宝宝[10],以弥补[11]此前来到英国的熊猫无法生育的遗憾[12]。

熊猫上一次出现在英国的动物园是1991年。当时伦敦动物园(London Zoo)从中国[13]了大熊猫"明明",但之后未能成功与德国柏林(Berlin, Germany)的熊猫"宝宝"交配。英国政府(UK government)于1994年将"明明"送回中国。

The 'Panda Express' arriving at Scotland

December 4, Edinburgh, Britain; The two Chinese Giant Pandas Tian Tian (sweet sweet) and Yang Guang (sunlight) have 'traveled' the 'Panda express' airplane, arriving at the UK, 17 years after the last time Giant Pandas had landed in Britain.

The two Giant Pandas have comfortably landed in Scotland's capital Edinburgh. The two Pandas known as Tian Tian and Yang Guang have moved into the Edinburgh Zoo, with the cost of 250,000 GBP (approximately 2,500,000 RMB). A new Panda 'building' was constructed for them. After two weeks of adaptations they will meet the public on December 16.

Edinburgh Zoo representatives have said that visitors already express great excitement for the arrival of the Pandas. After it was confirmed that the Pandas are arriving, almost 1500 entrance tickets were sold in less than 24 hours.

Female Panda Tian Tian and male Panda Yang Guang were both born in 2003. Coming from China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda in Bi Feng Xia, Sichuan, they shall live 10 years in their new home at the Edinburgh Zoo. Edinburgh Zoo experts hope that the Pandas will succeed in mating and giving birth to baby Pandas, compensating for the disappointment, as the last Pandas to arrive at Britain didn't manage to reproduce.

Last time a Panda arrived at the UK was in 1991. At that time, the Panda Ming Ming, which the London Zoo has lent from China, couldn't mate with the Panda Bao Bao of the Berlin Zoo. In 1994 the English government sent it back to China. Watch the video of the 'landing' here

[1] "熊猫快递号" xióngmāo kuài dì hào - 'Panda Express', the name of the airplane carrying the Pandas

[2] 登陆 dēnglù - Land at

[3]耗资 hàozī - Cost

[4] 熊猫馆 xióngmāo guǎn - Panda building, Panda cage

[5] 游客 yóukè - Tourists, visitors

[6] 门票 ménpiào - Entrance tickets

[7] 雌性 cíxìng - Female

[8] 雄性 xióngxìng - Male

[9] 配对 pèiduì - Mate

[10] 宝宝 bǎobǎo - Babies

[11] 弥补 míbǔ - Compensate, make up for

[12] 遗憾 yíhàn - Regret, disappointment

[13]借 jiè - Lend

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