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“音乐界将因药家鑫一案封杀西安音乐学院”,高晓松如是说,但网友对言论有不同意见 - Gao Xiaosong says that the music circle should ban Xi'an Conservatory for Yao Jiaxin's crime, internet users express different opinions print version
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Gao Xiaosong, a famous Chinese musician and songwriter, condemns Yao Jiaxin, student of Xi'an Conservatory of Music, who run-over a person when driving, and then stabbed his victim 8 until she died. Gao wrote on his micro-blog: "Considering the fact that students from Xi'an Conservatory of Music collectively support Yao Jiaxin, the music circles should from now on ban this school. How do people who overlook life could actually love music?!" Ten thousand internet users have commented on this post. The users who posted comments can roughly be divided into two groups: Supporting and opposing groups.

The majority of the group which supports Gao's post, particularly support the idea that 'people who overlook life do not love music'. They express that "can people who overlook life and confound right and wrong, truly love music? Can they understand the true essence of music? Should those who can not understand the true essence of music receive public approval? There is no need to exclude them intentionally, since they are already outside the music circle." "Can people who overlook life really love life?"

The voices objecting the post believe that "one of the school's students committed a violation. Denying the entire school and 'killing all the people with a pole' is truly unfair." "Schoolmates are like family; if your family member is in such situation would you still be excited about letting him die cleanly? Whether the world of music accepts us or not is not up to you." "Yao Jiaxin should be dealt with according to law, we cannot manage it, so how could you know we overlook life? We have not expressed that it was right for him to kill. It makes us angry to see the way you slander our school for supporting Yao Jiaxin without any foundation whatsoever."

[1] 音乐人 yīn yuè rén - Musician

[2] 词曲创作者 cíqǔ chuàngzuò zhě - Poet, songwriter

[3] 西安音乐学院 xīān yīn yuè xuéyuàn - Xi'an Conservatory of Music; a well-respected music school, responsible for the musical education of many talented artists

[4] 微博 wēi bó - 'Micro-blog',  a service provided by some social network site and programs (such as Twitter), of sending short messages, status reports, personal opinions, etc, which reach friends who share the same 'community'.

[5] 药家鑫 yào jiā xīn - A gifted 21 yrs old pianist, who was sentenced to death after an incident which shocked the Chinese public: He accidently run over a Zhang Miao, a 26 yrs old woman, when he was driving. Wanting to escape the scene, he saw Zhang was still alive and writing the car's license plate number. Yao stabbed this woman to death. One of the issues this incident has brought up (besides the cruelty expressed by the youngster, who was known as a good boy throughout his life), is the fear of people to be extorted for huge sums of money in case they experience a car accident, a concern which probably led Yao to commit this murder.

[6] 网友 wǎng yǒu - Internet users, netizen

[7] 帖 tiě - Note, post (here in the meaning of 'internet post')

[8] 黑白不分 hēi bái bù fēn - 'Not distinguish between black and white', confound right and wrong

[9] 一杆子打死所有人 yī gānzi dǎsǐ suǒyǒu rén - 'To kill all the people with one stick (or pole)'; a phrase which expresses collective punishment, making many suffer for the deeds of the few

[10] 受法律制裁 shòu fǎlǜ zhìcái - Dealt according with law

[11] 无凭无据 wú píng wú jù - With no base, without foundation

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