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法国摄影师Benoit Cezard组《中国2050》展览“洋民工”- French photographer Benoit Cezard's print version

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一条微博(Weibo, China's leading microblog)是这样写的:"一位法国摄影师[1]Benoit Cezard拍了一组《中国2050》("China 2050")。‘随着中国快速发展,未来西方人将取代中国的农民工[2],所以他们得提前适应一下。'这是摄影师的阐释[3]。"然后链接了一组5张照片,分别是老外施工[4]、扫大街[5]、等任务。照片中的劳动者[6]均由老外"扮演[7]"。

不少中国网友看了都忍不住莞尔一笑[8],为Benoit Cezard用外国人拍中国未来叫好[9]。也有网友盼望"外国民工"早日到来[10]。

Benoit Cezard 今年29岁,6年前他来到武汉(Wuhan),,他决心留下来。他迅速找到了工作,在一所大学教了两年书。 Benoit Cezard每日于武汉街头拍摄。如今他在中国已经小有名气[11]。  

Benoit Cezard告诉记者,他发自内心地热爱中国,这个题材[12]表现的是他对中国和世界的一种乐观期待。这组作品灵感[13]源于学者提出"2050年,中国将超越美国,成为世界第一大国[14]"的观点。


A Weibo post reported the following: "A French photographer named Benoit Cezard shot a series of photos under the title "China 2050". Along with the rapid development of China, Westerners will take the place of peasant workers in China and Wuhan, therefore they must prepare in advance. " - This was the explanation of the photographer. To this he attached a group of five photos, in which foreigners work in construction, sweep the street and more. Foreigners are the actors in these photographs.

Many Chinese netizens who saw the photos could not help but give a faint smile, applauding Cezard's usage of foreigners to portray China's future. Some netizens also expressed with hope that the day of "foreigner peasant workers" will arrive soon.

Benoit Cezard, 29, arrived to Wuhan six years ago, deciding to stay at the place. He taught for two years in the university. Every day he shot photos on the streets of Wuhan and recently he has gained some reputation.

Concerning Benoit Cezard's work "China 2050", he said in an interview to journalists that his art derives for a strong love for China and that the photographs express an optimistic hope for China and the world. The inspiration for this work comes from the announcement of scholars that 'by 2050 China shall surpass the US becoming the world's biggest superpower'.

Cezard said that by promoting these photos he also promotes interflow of ideas. By expressing a 'French humor', the photos display a meaning of peace. He said that the photographs gave rise to a clash because the range of work of foreigners in China is very narrow: finance, high education and other high status domains.

Foreigners posing construction in Wuhan, "China 2050"

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[1] 摄影师 shèyǐng shī - Photographers

[2] 农民工 nóngmíngōng - Peasant workers

[3] 阐释 chǎnshì - Explanation

[4] 施工 shīgōng - Construction work

[5]扫大街 sǎo dàjiē - Sweep the streets

[6] 劳动者 láodòngzhě - Laborers

[7]扮演 bànyǎn - Act

[8] 莞尔一笑 wǎněr yī xiào - Give a faint smile

[9] 叫好 jiàohǎo - Applaud

[10]早日到来 zǎorì dàolái - Arrive at an early day, arrive soon

[11] 名气 míngqì - Reputation

[12] 题材 tícái - Theme

[13] 灵感 línggǎn - Inspiration

[14] 大国 dàguó - Superpower

[15] 交流 jiāoliú - Interflow

[16] 冲击 chōngjī - Clash

[17] 金融 jīnróng - Finance

[18] 高端gāo duān - High level, high status

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