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外媒:中国建“网络蓝军”, 全球网络军准备竞赛 - Foreign media: China establishes an 'Internet Blue Army', as there is an armed race between 'internet forces' worldwide print version
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韩国(Korea)《朝鲜日报》中文网日前发表文章,题为《中国建"网络蓝军[1]" 各国网络军备竞赛[2]激烈》。中国人民解放军[3]上月25日在广州(Guangzhou)创建了网战部队[4]"网络蓝军",并分配了1000万元的预算[5]。文章摘编如下:世界各国大力增强网络战斗力[6],目前把重点放在攻击而非防御上的国家正不断增加。

英国(England)《卫报》(The Guardian)上月30日报道称,英国政府最近决定将国家的网络政策从"防御型"转为"攻击型"。中国也创建了专门负责网络战的专门部队,各国之间的"网络军备竞赛"越来越激烈。上述举措不仅是为了保护国家设施免遭黑客[7]或网络恐怖组织[8]的攻击,还可解释为制造网络武器[9]攻击敌人[10]。英国首次承认开发网络战武器。具体的武器形态和预算保密。            


增强网络战斗力不只局限于个别国家。德国(Germany)《明镜》(Der Spiegel)周刊上月24日报道称,北约(Nato)确立了2012年之前具备"可以和敌人正面交锋的"网络战斗力的目标。据《明镜》报道,北约秘书长[12]拉斯穆森(Anders Fogh Rasmussen)对成员国提出建议称:"应对网络攻击采取更加积极的态度。"

The Chinese language internet site of 'Chosunilbo' ( has published an article a few days ago, with the title 'China established an 'internet blue army' as there is an intense internet 'armed race' between all countries'.  China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) has established the 'internet blue army' internet troops in Guangzhou on May 25th, with a distributed budget of 10 million RMB. The article extracts as follows: Every country in the world is vigorously strengthening the internet combat capacity. At present the number of countries that focus on attack and defense is continuously rising.

The English Guardian has reported on May 30th that the English government has recently decided to change the countries internet policies from 'defense mode' to 'attack mode'. China has also established specialized troops, responsible of internet combat, and the internet armed races between all countries is getting more and more intense. The above conduct is not only protecting the country's facilities from hackers or internet terrorist groups, but can also expound to manufacture internet weapons to fight enemies. England was the first to admit developing internet combat weapons. The specific form of weapons and budget is kept confidential.

China's PLA report has led relevant departments to report that 'internet blue army' is a new model of internet combat. Israel has reported on May 18th that it has already formally set up 80 people to form the command of internet combat.

The enhanced combat capacity of internet combat is not only limited to specific countries. German 'Der Spiegel' weekly paper has reported on May 24th that NATO has firmly established an objective for 2012, of an internet effective combat that 'can battle in front of the enemy'. According to the 'Der Spiegel' report, NATO secretary-general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen has posed an advice to member nations: "Respond to internet attacks by adopting a more active approach.

The original article was published on 西陆东方军事, quoting foreign media sources

[1]网络蓝军 wǎngluò lán jūn - 'Internet Blue Army'; Units of the PLA who are in charge of maintaining national security through the internet (fighting against hackers mainly), an issue which is getting more and more attention in recent years.

[2] 军备竞赛 jūnbèi jìngsài - Armed race

[3] 人民解放军 rénmínjiěfàngjūn - People's Liberation Army (PLA); the military arm of the Chinese Communist Party, consisted of 3 million soldiers of various units

[4] 战部队 zhàn bùduì - Fighting troops

[5] 预算 yùsuàn - Budget

[6] 战斗力 zhàndòu lì - Combat

[7] 黑客 hēikè - Hacker

[8] 恐怖组织 kǒngbù zǔzhī - Terrorist organizations

[9] 武器 wǔqì- Weapon

[10] 敌人 dírén - Enemy

[11] 司令部 sīlìngbù - Headquarters

[12] 秘书长 mìshūzhǎng - Secretary general

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