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“蛟龙”号成功突破5000米水深 - 'Flood Dragon' accomplished a breakthrough by reaching a sea depth of 5000m print version
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Though not referring to military tasks, the following article describes the promising new Chinese submersible, that has reached impressive sea depths in experiments that took place in the Pacific Ocean.



据介绍,除了气象[8]条件,潜水器能否下潜需要满足三个条件:潜水器的技术状态要达到要求;潜水器入水和出水的A型架[9](SY-A1,power supply device)工作正常;工作人员状态良好。实际上,"蛟龙"号下水比原定计划推迟了约1个半小时。主要有两个事件影响下水:一是海上风浪[10]很大,潜水器下水时来回摇摆,底部遭到碰撞。另外一个事件是准备向海里放潜水器时,发现潜水器时钟和水面系统时钟不一致,这将会导致潜水器在海底无法协调一致工作。


July 26; the 'flood dragon' manned diving device has accomplishing a breakthrough of 5000 meters depth after six and a half hours, with the maximum depth of 5057m, establishing a new record for manned deep diving by Chinese. On July 21st, after a diving experiment made a breakthrough by reaching a depth of 4000m for the first time, the 7000m manned diving device, called 'flood dragon' has obtained a breakthrough. 'Flood dragon' had dived and reached the seabed, accomplishing multiple tasks as well as taking many photos of seabed organisms and transmitting the images back to the sea surface. Members of the submarine have conducted verification of various functions of the diving device at depth of 5000m.

Ye Cong, submarine staff member, told reporters, after exiting the cabin, that this diving procedure was rather successful, with a dive of more than 40m per minute, in a speed that corresponds to the estimation beforehand. The work in the diving device at each depth stage was quite normal, and the state of submarine members was good.

Board chair of China's State Ocean Administration (SOE), Wang Fei, said that 'flood dragon' accomplishing a breakthrough of 5000m of depth signifies that 'flood dragon' has the capacity of reaching 70% of the oceans' seabeds in the whole world, and it also reflects that we have technological strength of exploring deep seas and oceans.

According to the information introduced, except for climatic conditions, the diving possibility of the diving device demands the realization of three conditions: The technology conditions of the diving device should meet demand; normal SY-A1 (power device) function when the diving device enters and exits the water; working staff is in good condition. As a matter of fact, 'flood dragon' entered the water an hour and a half later than the originally decided time. There are two main incidents which influence the entrance to the water: One is the big stormy waves at sea. If the diving device swings when entering the water, the bottom could be hit. Another incident is discovering disaccord between the diving device's clock and the water surface system clock, when preparing to enter the diving device to the water. This could lead to disability to coordinate the work when the diving device is at the seabed.

According to what is understood, on the third diving experiment of 'flood dragon', a big quantity scientific investigation content was prepared. The terrain of the seabed was surveyed and a sign was spread in the seabed site, which shall serve as a souvenir for Chinese reaching the seabed in a depth of 5000m.

Original article published by People's Daily 人民网 

[1] "蛟龙" jiāo long - 'Flood dragon', a mythical Chinese creature and the name of the submersible described in the article

[2] 载人潜水器 zǎirén qiánshuǐ qì - Manned (carrying people) diving device, submersible

[3] 潜航 qián hang - Submersible

[4] 舱 cāng - Ship or submarine cabin

[5] 中国大洋协会 zhōngguó dài yáng xiéhuì - State Oceanic Administration (SOE)

[6] 理事长 lǐshì zhǎng - Board chair

[7] 技术实力 jìshù shílì - Technological strength

[8] 气象 qìxiàng - Climatic conditions

[9] A型架 xíng jià - SY-A1, power supply term

[10] 风浪 fēnglàng - Storm waves

[11] 地形 dìxíng - Topography

[12] 标志物 biāozhì wù - Sign, symbol

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