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中国昆明出现假冒苹果销售店 - Fake Apple dealer stores appear in Kunming print version
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China, which has became famous for manufacturing fake products, software and trademark clothing, has still 'made a progress in manufacturing pirated products - Fake Apple stores.

An American in Yunan said that she and her husband have discovered in recent days 3 Apple stores in Kunming which mix fake and authentic. She took pictures and published them on her blog. These 3 stores do not appear in the authorized dealer directory in the Apple official web page. This American woman said that the fake store seems almost real, has the classic revolving stairs off Apple stores and the staff member wear T-shirts with the Apple logo.

In the beginning of this year, China's Department of Commerce has promised to high managers of American enterprises that that the latest operation of attacking fake products will have a long-lasting effect. The progress in overflow of fake stores indicates that China's development in the culture of fighting against piracy is progressing slowly. This is exactly one of the main problems China and its trading partners are facing.

A commission agent of an authorized Apple store in Kunming said that the majority of customers don't know these few stores are fake. These kind of fake stores are more and more abundant in Kunming. Although perhaps they sell authentic products, they still have some unlawful aspects.

Original version published in Global Times 环球时报

[1]盗版产品 dàobǎn chǎnpǐn - Pirated products, fake products

[2] 软件 ruǎnjiàn - Software

[3] 品牌衣服 pǐnpái yīfu - Trademark clothing

[4] 山寨 shān zhài - Here referring to 'small scale', 'replica', 'fake'

[5] 以假乱真 yǐ jiǎ luàn zhēn - Mix of fake and real

[6] 博客 bókè - Blog

[7] 官方网站 guānfāng wǎngzhàn - Official website

[8] 授权经销 shòuquán jīngxiāo - Authorized dealer

[9] 逼真 bīzhēn - Lifelike, like-real

[10] 旋转楼梯 xuánzhuǎn lóutī - Revolving stairs

[11] 标识 biāozhì - Symbol, logo

[12] T恤xù - T-shirt

[13] 中国商务部 zhōngguó shāngwùbù - China Department of Commerce

[14] 高管 gāo guǎn - High position manager

[15] 贸易伙伴 màoyì huǒbàn - Trade partner

[16] 非合法 fēi héfǎ - Illegal, unlawful

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