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专家称大学生宣泄毕业情感应有道德底线 - Experts say that university students should respect morals when 'releasing' graduation emotions print version
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多年前正襟危坐[9]的毕业照[10]已经不复存在,今年的毕业照也非常"独特"。网络上流传着 "学哥敞开学士服调戏学妹"的恶搞照。紧接着,几组男生只穿内裤[11]的集体照[12]和女生捂胸照引发了强烈争议。很多网友[13]认为这简直伤风败俗[14]。

为何毕业生会选择露骨的"床单宣言"、甚至以裸奔[15]的方式来宣泄毕业情感[16]?记者采访了北京大学(Beijing University)社会学系[17]教授夏学銮。夏学銮认为,这是整个社会浮躁[18]的表现。毕业生狂欢、宣泄情感是正常的。但是拍裸照已经跃出了德底线[19]。这会影响大学生的形象,也会对毕业生求职产生影响。大学生宣泄应该有所节制,大学毕业并不是人生到了终点站[20],而是即将开始一个新起点。

University graduates are just about to leave campus, and the farewell melody is ringing again inside every big university. In recent years, the cold and worried mood is replaced by a crazy and restless mood. This year, expressions in many students' 'bedsheets declaration' have an undisguised style.

"My young schoolmates, I'm sorry, I'm taking away the fellow students", "graduation is not a breakup, breakup is not graduation, please keep contact". On the high floor of some dormitory buildings in Bei Hang (Beijing Hangkong Xueyuan), different colored bedsheets were hanged, and the sheets' decoration can also be considered as special: In a men's dormitory, women's underwear were hanged on the bedsheets. In a girls' dormitory, a mosquito net was sewed on a bedsheet, as a wedding yarn, and a colored balloon was placed above the sheet, on the sheet it was written 'asking bihun (marry after graduation)'.

The 'sit upright and look ahead' graduation photos from many years ago no longer exist, and this year's graduation photos are very 'unique'. The ugly photo 'old schoolmates opened the bachelors clothes and took liberties with female students' was spread on throughout the internet. Right after, a collective photo of a few groups of male student wearing only underpants and female students covering their chests has evoked intense disputes. Many netizens believe this is simply corrupting public morals.

Why do graduates choose undisguised 'bedsheet' declarations', even using the running-naked mode to drain off the graduation emotions? The reporter interviewed Xia Xueluan, professor in the Sociology department in Beijing University. Xia Xueluan believes that this is reflects the impulsiveness of the entire society. The revelry of the graduates and draining off emotions is normal. However, taking naked photos is already leaping beyond the line of ethics. This could influence the image of university students and can also have an effect on graduates who apply for jobs. The 'draining off' university students should be controlled, as graduation is by no means the terminal station in life, but a new beginning point.

Bed-sheet graduation announcements - 床单宣言
北京航空航天大学, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA)

Original article published by 北京晨报  

[1] 毕业生 bìyèshēng - Graduate

[2] 高校 gāo xiào - Universities and colleges

[3] "床单宣言" chuángdān xuānyán - 'Bed-sheet declarations/announcements'; a custom popular among university graduates, who write amusing and interesting slogans on their bedsheets and hang them on their dormitory windows, saying 'farewell' to their peers.

[4] 学弟 xué dì - 'Study young brother', young schoolmate

[5] 北航 běi hang - Short for 北京航空航天大学, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA)

[6] 蚊帐 wénzhàng - Mosquito net

[7] 婚纱 hūn shā - Wedding yarn

[8] 毕婚 bì hūn - 'Graduation marriage', marry immediately after graduation

[9] 正襟危坐 zhèng jīn wēi zuò - Sit upright and look ahead

[10] 毕业照 bìyè zhào - Graduation photo

[11] 内裤 nèikù - Underpants

[12] 集体照 jítǐ zhào - Collective, group photo

[13] 网友 wǎng yǒu - Internet user, netizen

[14] 伤风败俗 shāngfēng bài sú - Corrupt public morals

[15] 裸奔 luǒ bēn - Run naked

[16] 宣泄毕业情感 xuān xiè bìyè qínggǎn - Drain off, release, graduation emotions

[17] 社会学系 shèhuìxué xì - Department of Sociology

[18] 浮躁 fú zào - Impulsiveness

[19] 道德底线 dàodé dǐxiàn - Morals baseline, morals red line

[20] 终点站 zhōngdiǎn zhàn - Terminal station, ending point

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