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专家称希拉里外交失礼 - Experts call Hillary Clinton's conduct 'diplomacy without etiquette' print version
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美国国务卿[1]希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)用尖刻语言批评中国人权[2],很多中国学者认为,希拉里已经构成外交失礼[3]。她在接受美国媒体采访时称中国的做法是"fool's errand"。这个说法的贬义是确定无疑的。希拉里代表美国,她对中国保持尊重是必须的,即使她表达美国对中国的批评,也必须使用非常礼貌的语言。如果她不这样做,她的言行就可以被理解为美国官方[4]对中国国家尊严的冒犯。




US secretary of state Hillary Clinton used sharp words, criticizing China's human rights, and many Chinese scholars already believe the Clinton's diplomacy is lacking proper etiquette. When answering American media's interview, she said that China's way of doing is 'fool's errand'. The derogatory sense of this expression is beyond doubt. Clinton represents USA, she must maintain respect towards China, and even if she expresses US criticism towards China, she should still use very polite words. If she doesn't do this, her words and deeds could be understood as American offence towards the dignity of the Chinese nation.

At the time, this incident lead the American, White House representative envoys, stationed in China to negotiate with China's Foreign Ministry. However, this time, Clinton's acute speech concerning China, from the position of secretary of state, didn't lead American media to debate whether this is 'diplomacy lacking proper etiquette'. On May 12th, Global Times interviewed 20 famous Chinese experts of international matters, among whom 16 believe Clinton's expression is diplomacy lacking etiquette. 12 of them also believe the Clinton should hence make some clarifications.

"Once I attain the position of president, I shall issue a message to the world: US came back. We aren't this arrogant big country, and we don't conduct as we had in the last 6 years." This speech by Clinton was expressed in February 2007 during the campaign for presidency. At that time, American internal personnel were strongly attacking president Bush's unilateralism policies. The sharp attack on China this time shows that Clinton has forgotten her promise made four years ago.

However, Meng Zi, master researcher of China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, believes that diplomacy doesn't mean friendship and courtesy, and that sometimes there are words of good or bad intentions. 'We can express our opinions regarding important matters, but we don't always have to rush and respond to the different opinion of the other party.'

Based on an article published in Global Times 环球时报

[1] 国务卿 guówùqīng - Secretary of state

[2] 人权 rénquán - Human rights

[3] 外交失礼 wàijiāo shī lǐ - Diplomacy lacking etiquette

[4] 官方 guānfāng - Government

[5] 驻华 zhùhuá - Stationed in China

[6] 公使 gōng shǐ - Envoy

[7] 白宫 báigōng - The White House

[8] 《环球时报》huánqiú shíbào - Global Times; a Chinese daily newspaper under the administration or the People's Daily. The World Times has an international circulation and discusses topics which are relevant in the international level.

[9] 总统 zǒngtǒng - President

[10] 单边主义 dānbiānzhǔyì - The unilateralism Bush doctrine

[11] 中国现代国际关系研究院 zhōngguó xiàndài guójì guānxì yánjiū yuàn - China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR), a research institution comprised of 11 research centers, focusing on international studies, and 380 researchers and working staff.

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