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江苏将设立“离婚缓冲室”- 'Divorce Buffer Rooms' are being established in Jiangsu province print version
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面对年年攀升的离婚率[1]及80后[2]频现"闪离""闪复" [3]的现象。江苏省民政厅[4]昨天表示,将在婚姻登记处设立"离婚缓冲室"[5]。目前,南京已有两个区进行试点。



Facing the constantly growing divorce rates and the phenomena of 'flash divorce' and 'flash recovery' (see comment 3), The Department of Civil Affairs, Jiangsu province, announced yesterday that it will establish a 'divorce buffer room'  within the marriage registration office. Until now, such experiment has been taking place in two locations in Nanjing.

The 'divorce buffer room' is also called 'divorce waiting room'. It is a vacant room, next door to the divorce registration office, decorated like a home, giving people a warm feeling. On the walls there are the slogans such as "turn and look on past events; we loved each other once, let's bless each other in the future ahead of us!" The aim of this room is making the couples handle the procedures calmly. They enter the room, and can discuss one more time, quietly and attentively, thinking over, perhaps this marriage can still be saved.

But not all marriages are suitable for this 'slowly slowly' approach. Getting married slowly is still better than divorcing slowly. Related personnel say that they intend to introduce a family consultant in the marriage registration office. When needed, couples can consult before they get married or divorced. In this way, couples who divorce impulsively could be assisted by a diagnosis of their marriage situation.

[1] 离婚率 líhūn lù - Divorce rates

[2] 80后 hòu - Post 1980; the meaning here is to generation of Chinese born after 1980

[3]闪离, 闪复 shǎn lí, shǎn fù - 'Flash divorce', 'flash recovery'; terms associated with the post-1980-Chinese, who are considered to often act impulsively when it comes to love affairs and to marry fast (闪婚, see here an article about this phenomenon) divorce fast (闪离) and sometimes change their minds and recover fast (闪复).

[4] 江苏省民政厅 jiāngsūshěng mín zhèng tīng - Jiangsu province Department of Civil Affairs  

[5] "离婚缓冲室" líhūn huǎnchōng shì - 'Divorce buffer room'; the meaning of this 'waiting room' is expressed in the article. Basically it is a new type of 'divorce waiting room', inducing intimacy and calm discussions between the couple by the ambience and decoration, which could hopefully allow some couples re-consider before separating for good.

[6] 离婚等待室 líhūn děngdài shì - Divorce waiting room

[7] 离婚登记室 líhūn dēngjì shì - Divorce registration office

[8] 标语 biāoyǔ - Slogan, poster

[9] 家庭咨询师 jiātíng zīxúnsh ī- Family consultant; a psychologist or advisor who specialized in solving inner family and marriage conflicts

[10] 诊断  zhěnduàn - Diagnosis, diagnose

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