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可口可乐就饮料含氯道歉 - Coca Cola apologizes for manufacturing chloride-containing beverages print version
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4月中旬,有媒体报出可口可乐"含氯门"[1]事件。今年2月初,可口可乐(山西)饮料公司(Shanxi's Coca Cola Beverage Company)因管道[2]改造,致使消毒[3]用的含氯水混入[4]12万余箱可口可乐,目前确认有76391箱流入市场[5]。

4月28日,可口可乐(山西)饮料有限公司发表声明,表示 "由于操作失误[6],导致含微量[7]氯的水进入到饮料生产用水中。


In the middle of April, media reports described the Coca Cola 'chloride incident'. In the beginning of February this year, the pipeline of Shanxi Coca Cola Beverage Company was remolded, and as a result, chloride used for disinfection penetrated into more than 120,000 boxes of Coca Cola. It currently confirmed that 76391 boxes have entered the market.

On April 28, Shanxi's Coca Cola Company made an announcement, saying that "because of an operational failure, small amounts of chloride water entered the manufacture process."

It is already a fact that '76391 boxes' of chloride-containing Cola products were circulated in the market. However, the content of Coca Cola's announcement is merely an apology and does not mention whether or not the circulated products are to be return to the factory.

Original article published by 潇湘晨报

[1] "含氯门" hán lǜ mén - 'Containing-chloride (氯) incident'; the scandal discussed in the article, where chloride water was accidently used for the production of Coca Cola.

[2] 管道 guǎndào - Pipeline

[3] 消毒 xiāodú - Disinfecting

[4] 混入 hùnrù - Penetrate

[5] 流入市场 liúrù shìchǎng - Circulated in the market

[6] 操作失误 cāozuò shīwù - Operational failure

[7] 微量 wēiliàng - Tiny (micro) amount

[8] 实施召回 shíshī zhàohuí - Implement returning (of the products)

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