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中国年轻人借万圣节狂欢减压 - Chinese youth 'borrow' Halloween carnivals to release pressure print version
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Chinese youngsters are enjoying Halloween celebrations and one of the intrepretations to this phenomena, as the following article suggests, is that 'Western holidays' infuse some relaxation into the stressed life of urban China. 

万圣节(Halloween)是西方(the West)的传统节日[1]之一。近几年,万圣节"狂欢[2]"在中国的年轻人中也日渐流行,但更多的人是将过节当作玩乐[3]的理由,用以减轻快节奏[4]的生活压力。在北京(Beijing)的各大商场和超市,万圣节服装[5]、面具[6]等恐怖装饰[7]被摆在最醒目[8]的位置。民俗[9]专家曹保明表示,万圣节等"洋节"('Western holidays')在中国盛行[10],符合中西文化交流[11]的大潮流,但目前很多西方节日的文化内涵[12]已经消失在消费大潮里。


长春市心理研究所(Psychological Research Institute of Changchun city)主任郑晓华表示,中国年轻人压力大,减压[14]渠道少,所以一些节日成为他们减压的好机会。这些节日让年轻人放松身心和调节心理[15]的很好的手段。



Halloween is one of the traditional holidays in the West. In recent years, Halloween 'carnivals' are also spreading among China's youngsters. Most of them regard the holiday as an entertainment, and utilize it to lighten the pressure of the fast-tempo lifestyle.

Halloween costumes, masks and other 'scary' accessories are presented in eye-catching positions in many of Beijing's shopping malls and supermarkets. Cao Bao, expert of folk cultures, says that Halloween and other 'Western holidays' are popular in China since they take part in the vast cultural interchange between China and the West. Yet the content (or intention) of many Western holidays gets lost in the process of consumerism.

According to surveys, the pressure the Chinese office workers bear is the most severe in the world. In reality, not only office workers experience pressure, but also university students and youngsters who are about to enter the job market.

Director of the Psychological Research Institute of Changchun city, Zheng Xiao, says that Chinese youngsters bear heavy pressure with few mediums to reduce pressure. Therefore, holidays become a good opportunity for them to do so. These holidays are good measures to relax themselves and regulate their mental state.

Zheng Xiao wishes that youngsters expand the mediums for reducing pressure, and through traveling, reading and walking adjust their mental health. Relying on holidays for relaxation is far from being enough if one wishes to maintain good psychological health. Original article published by 新华网

[1] 传统节日 chuántǒng jiérì - traditional holidays

[2]狂欢 kuáng huān - carnivals

[3] 玩乐 wán lè - Entertainment and fun

[4] 快节奏 kuài jiézòu - fast tempo

[5] 服装 fúzhuāng - costumes

[6] 面具 miànjù - masks

[7] 恐怖装饰 kǒngbù zhuāngshì  - scary accessories

[8] 醒目 xǐng mù - eye-catching

[9] 民俗 mínsú - folk

[10] 盛行 shèngxíng - popular

[11] 文化交流 wénhuà jiāoliú - cultural interchange

[12] 内涵 nèihán - intention

[13] 上班族 shàngbān zú - 'the group that attends work', office workers

[14] 减压 jiǎn yā - reduce pressure

[15] 调节心理 tiáojié xīnlǐ - regulate mental health

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