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Wine 酒 print version
jiǔ náng fàn dài
'A bag of wine, a sack of rice', describing a talentless person, one who only eats and drinks.
jīndiāo huàn jiǔ
'Exchanging attendants (of rich families) with wine': Letting go of 'rites' in favor of one's passions.
jiǔ sè zhī tú
'A follower of wine and women', one who pursues sensual and sexual pleasures.
jiè jiǔ jiāo chóu
'Use wine to irrigate one's worries', drink wine and relieve one's pressures and concerns.
huā tiān jiǔ dì
'Women (or prostitute) sky, wine earth', lead a dissolute lifestyle.
gāo yáng jiǔ tú
'The drunkard from Gaoyang', a nickname of Liu Bang, founder of the Han Dynasty, portraying him a wine-lover and unrestrained person.
duì jiǔ dāng gē
'When drinking wine, one should sing', this idiom often indicates that life is short, therefore one should drink it to the fullest. Sometimes it is expresses to with concern to the importance of fulfilling one's ambitions and sometimes as a reminder that one should enjoy life. This idiom was said by general Caocao in the 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms'.
dǒu jiǔ bǎi piān
'10 liters of wine, 100 pieces of poetry' – Have a vivid imagination, great capacity for drinking and art-making.
bēi jiǔ yán huān
'A cup of wine, a cheerful talk': Describing a happy encounter between friends, involving wine-drinking and a lively chat.
lù jiǔ hóng dēng
'Green wine, red lights', leading a luxurious life of pleasure.
liàn jiǔ mí huā
'Indulge in wine and female prostitutes (or singers) – Being obsessed with wine and women.
jiǔ zuì fàn bǎo
'Wine-drunk, rice-full', feeling satisfied after a feast.
jiǔ yú chá hòu
'First wine, then tea' – Diverting oneself during leisure time.
jiǔ ròu xiōngdì
'Brothers of wine and meat': A fair-weather friend, someone who acts like a friend only when conditions are profitable for him or her.
jiǔ bìng huā chóu
The persuit of wine (and women as well) could initiate worries.
hào jiǔ tān bēi
'Loving wine, drinking to excess': Enjoying and loving wine-drinking.
bēi jiǔ jiěyuàn
'A cup of wine eliminates resentments': When drinking wine, one becomes cheerful and forgets about his or her resentments and rivalries.

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