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人口普查进入最关键时刻 ,苏州市人口普查工作获省肯定 - China's National Population Census has entered its Key Stage; the Census Work in Suzhou has been Approved print version
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Cao Fulong, Vice-Mayor of Suzhou City, Jiangsu province, addressed the leading groups of the nation's census, and reported about the situations of the census work. The orderly work, currently in progress, has received the approval of the small groups in the province.

Since the 5th national census in 2000, the economy of Suzhou continuously developed, the society composition has unceasingly been restructured and there were also many changes which took place in the population. This time, when the organization of the 6th national census is underway, Suzhou is examining the size of its population, investigating thoroughly the composition of its population, the situation of the population distribution and movement within the region, is examining the education of the population, as well as other information concerning its population, such as occupations, housing and care for the elderly. The object of this census includes the entire population of 5 cities and 7 districts in Suzhou. Unlike the 5th census, the current one will register residents as well as people from other town districts. The purpose is to include in the census people from Hong-Kong, Macau, Taiwan and foreign countries that currently stay in Suzhou.

Cao Fulong said in the report he gave that in order to improve the this census' work, Jiangsu city has especially established leading groups to perform the census, is extensively developing the mobilization of investigation within the society and ensuring the smooth development of the formal registration by the census. The residents of Jiangsu initiatively participate in the census, fulfilling their citizenship duty. In many streets and communities groups of volunteers appear, improving the efficiency of the census work.

[1] 苏州 sūzhōu - Suzhou, a prefectural-level city in Jiangsu province, which embeds several townships and numerous villages.

[2] 副市长 fù shìzhǎng - Vice Mayor

[3] 曹福龙 Cáo Fúlóng - Cao Fulong, Vice Mayor of Suzhou city.

[4] 人口普查 rénkǒu pǔchá - China's National Population Census. The 6th census is taking place in November (2010), including visits to about 400 million households and collecting information about China's inhabitants, their occupation, education, family status, etc. Taiwan, Hong-Kong and Macau are included in the census for the first time.

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