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美国华侨华人谴责奥巴马会见达赖 - Chinese in the US condemn Obama for meeting the Dalai Lama print version
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美国华侨华人[1]16日强烈谴责[2]奥巴马(Obama)会见达赖(Dalai Lama),认为这一举动损害了中美关系[3],也伤害了中国人民及海外华侨华人的感情。



On July 16th,overseas Chinese in the US have strongly condemned Obama's meeting with the Dalai Lama, believing this act harms China-US relations, as well as the sentiments of Chinese people and of overseas Chinese.

Vice-president of China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification in Washington, He Xiaohui, said that Obama ignores the strong opposition of the Chinese government and the sentiments of Chinese people when meeting the Dalai Lama, violating the promise by US government and acting unfavorably of the normal development of China-US relations. She said that in recent decades, the Dalai Lama is continuously engaged in anti-China division activities, generating a very negative effect within the international community. Many Americans do not understand Tibet at all. The Dalai Lama, by preaching religion, propagating the title of 'free democracy' in every location he visits, has a huge fraudulent nature. She said that as overseas Chinese in the US are firmly advocating the protection of a united motherland, they oppose any dividing acts. The Tibet problem is a Chinese domestic affair. It isn't consent to intervention of any nation or to any person. Overseas Chinese in the US hope that Obama's government could see through this point, using a longer-range vision regarding China-US relations, creating a more harmonious environment of development for the relations between both countries.

Vice director board chair of American Chinese special organization federation, Ye Yubin has pointed out that the international community should notice that under the leadership of the Chinese government, since Tibet is peacefully liberated and huge changes took place in its economy and society, its people's life standards are noticeably improving. He expressed that China-US relations is one of the most important bilateral relationships in the world, and he hopes that both governments of China and US could value the development of bilateral relations, mutually respecting the interests of the other side. This is not only advantageous to the two countries, but also in favor the peace and development of the world.

[1] 华侨华人 huáqiáo huárén - Overseas Chinese

[2] 谴责 qiǎnzé - Condemn

[3] 中美关系 zhōngměi guānxì - China-US relations

[4] 中国和平统一促进会  zhōngguó hépíng tǒngyī cùjìn huì- China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification

[5] 副会长 fù huìzhǎng - Vice president of an association

[6] 反华 fǎn huá - Anti-China

[7]分裂活动 fēnliè huódòng - Division/separation activity (here referring to act opposing the unity of China)

[8] 国际社会 guójìshèhuì - International community

[9] 负面fù miàn - Negative side

[10] 自由民主zìyóu mínzhǔ - Freedom democracy

[11] 欺骗性qīpiàn xìng - Duplicity, fraudulent nature

[12] 祖国统一zǔguó tǒngyī - Unification of the motherland, united China

[13] 内政nèizhèng - Domestic affairs, internal politics

[14] 美国华人专业团体联合会měiguó huárén zhuānyè tuántǐ liánhé huì- Union of Chinese American Professional Organizations (UCAPO), a Washington non-profit organization, representing Chinese-American professionals in different fields

[15] 副理事 fù lǐshì - Vice-director

[16] 双边关系 shuāngbiān guānxì - Bilateral relations

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