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Theme Idioms - 相关成语 print version

In China, idioms are essential building blocks of literature, news reports, songs and even street conversations. Every idiom has its own story, some originating already several imperial dynasties ago. The idioms here are arranged by themes, which are particularly rich with these four-character expressions.

• Animals 动物
• Water 水
• Seasons 季节
• Love 爱情
• Romance of the Three Kingdoms 三国演义
• Wine 酒
• Flowers 花
• Mountain 山
• Moon 月亮
• Cry 哭
• Physical Appearance 外貌
• Laugh 笑
• Colors 颜色
• Mencius 孟子
• Confucius 孔子
• Hand 手
• Food 食物
• Dragon 龙
• Emperor 皇帝
• Death 死亡
• Lao Zi 老子
• Han Feizi 韩非子

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