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外交部:“中俄站在国际社会对立面”指责不负责 - Chinese Foreign Ministry: Criticizing China and Russia for opposing the Arab League in the Syrian crisis is irresponsible print version
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2012年2月8日,外交部(Foreign Ministry)发言人[1]刘为民(Liu Weiming)主持发布会[2]。 有记者提问,2月5日,中国和俄罗斯(Russia)在安理会(UN Security Council)否决了[3]叙利亚(Syria)问题决议草案[4]。对此,英国(England)外交大臣[5](Mark Lyall Grant)声明称这是"联合国(U.N.)耻辱[6]的一刻",是对叙人民的背叛[7],站在了阿拉伯和国际(Arab League)社会的对立面[8],将助长暴政[9]和杀戮[10]等。中方有何评论?



On February 8 spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry, Liu Weimin, organized a press conference. Reporters asked about China's and Russia's veto on the UN Security Council's draft resolution for intervention in the Syria problem. Concerning this matter, British foreign secretary Grant called this 'a disgrace to the UN' and a betrayal of the Syrian people, an opposition to the Arab League and support of tyranny and massacre. How does China react?

Liu Weimin said that this kind of criticism is irresponsible, has an ulterior motive and China cannot accept it. China and Syria have a long history of friendship and China is an ally of the entire Syrian population. Regarding Syria's problem, China is all along concerned about protecting the basic interest of the Syrian people and ensuring peace and stability.

China's vote in the UN Security Council is based on the principles of the UN Charter. China is persisting in its support of justice for Arab countries and has deep friendship with Arab nations. The actions and behaviors of China are just and honorable and any attempt to incite Chinese-Arabic relation is a fruitless effort. From today onwards China shall continue to bring a peaceful reconciliation to the Syria crisis.

[1] 发言人 fāyánrén - Spokesman

[2] 发布会 fābù huì - Press conference

[3] 涉 shè - Intervene

[4] 决议草案 juéyì cǎoàn - Draft resolution

[5] 大臣 dàchén - Cabinet minister

[6] 耻辱 chǐrǔ - Disgrace

[7] 背叛 bèipàn - Betray

[8] 对立面 duìlì miàn - Opposition

[9] 暴政 bàozhèng - Tyranny

[10] 杀戮 shālù - Massacre

[11]别有用心 bié yǒu yòng xīn - Have an ulterior motive

[12] 中叙 zhōng xù - Chinese-Syrian

[13] 投票立场 tóupiào lìchǎng - Vote, position

[14] 光明正大 guāngmíng zhèngdà - Just and honorable

[15] 挑拨 tiǎobō - Incite

[16] 徒劳 túláo - Fruitless effort

[17] 化解 huà jiě - Bring reconciliation

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