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华裔“虎妈”纽约分享育儿心得 - Chinese descendent 'Tiger Mom' shared her child-raising insights in New-York print version
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29日晚在曼哈顿(Manhattan)纽约公共图书馆[1],华尔街日报[2]策划了"虎妈[3]归来"(Return of Tiger Mom)的活动,作者全家和读者一起分享育儿和创作心得。

"虎爸[5]"Jed Rubenfeld当日也带来了他的新书《死亡本能[6]》('Death Instinct')。虎爸开玩笑称"华人[7]母亲确实比西方母亲厉害",他并不认为书中提到的虎妈育儿方法局限于华人,只是代表了一种传统老式(Old Fashioned)的方法。虎爸认为美国的孩子从小缺乏指导,太过松散,并坦言感谢妻子为孩子的教育付出了很多。
住在新泽西州(New Jersey)、在曼哈顿上班的林太太和李太太特意下班来参加活动,虽然两人的孩子都已经上大学,但是两人仍旧对教育孩子的话题感兴趣。两人认为"教育方法要因孩子而异",林太太听完后说:"如果能重来,我会给孩子更多空间去追求自己的兴趣。"

The Wall Street Journal has organized an activity on the evening of March 29th in the New York Public Library, Manhattan, called "the Return of Tiger Mom". The author's family and readers shared insights about parenting and about the book during the event.

 The activity attracted a hundred listeners, among whom there were many Asian faces. Tiger Mom said "I'm not an expert in child-raising", though she believes that developing "discipline" in early childhood is very important, and admits that she and her family have sacrificed a lot for the sake of their children's education, but she feels such sacrifice is necessary.

Jed Rubenfeld, "Tiger Dad", has also brought his new book, "Death Instinct" on that day. Tiger Dad said with humor that "Chinese mothers are certainly tougher than western mothers". He thinks the Tiger Mom child-rearing methods mentioned in the book are by means confined to Chinese, they just represent a traditional old fashioned style. Tiger Dad believes that American kids lack guidance and are too inattentive since a young age. He has openly thanked his wife for sacrificing a lot for the sake of their children's education.

Living in New Jersey and working in Manhattan, Mrs. Lin and Mrs. Li have come especially to participate in the activity after finishing work. Although their children already attend college, the two are still interested in the topic of child education. Both think that "education methods should vary between different children". Mrs. Lin said after listening: "If we would do it again (raising children), I'll give my children more space to pursue their own interests."

[1] 纽约公共图书馆 niǔyuē gōnggòng túshūguǎn - New-York Public Library

[2] 华尔街日报 huáěrjiērìbào - Wall Street Journal

[3] 虎妈 hǔ mā - 'Tiger Mom'; 蔡美儿 (Cai Meier), Amy Chua, A professor in Yale Law School, who got her nickname following the success of her book 'Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother', which promotes strict parenting techniques.

[4] 亚裔 yà yì - Asian descendant

[5]虎爸 hǔ bà - 'Tiger Dad', Jed Rubenfeld, Amy Chua's husband, who is also a professor in Yale Law School. He supports his wife parenting methods and is also an author.

[6]死亡本能 sǐwáng běnnéng - 'The Death Instinct', a fiction novel by Jed Rubenfeld, illustrating a story which takes place in Wall Street during the 1920's.

[7] 华人 huárén - Chinese

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