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中国最先进战机歼20在成都试飞 - China's most Advanced Fighter Plane, J20, has made a Trial Flight in Chengdu print version
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该网站简述,试飞的歼20于12时48分1秒开始滑向跑道,12时50分起飞,13时11分降落。 起飞时,现场观察人员十分激动。这次试飞原定于7日进行,但因当天天气不好而延期。



China's advanced 4th generation fighter plane Jian 20 (J20) has made its first trial flight, Tuesday, 12:50, Chengdu. The flight lasted 18 minutes and went through successfully. Several Chinese websites have posted pictures and videos of the trial flight, in addition to recapitulating the situation.

These websites have resumed that J20's trial flight has began at 12 o'clock, 48 minutes and one second, with the plane beginning to move on the runway. At 12:50 it took off and landed at 13:11. During the taking off, the site's inspecting personnel were utterly excited. This trial flight was originally scheduled to take place on the 7th, though because the weather wasn't suitable at that day, it was postponed.

On the end of December last year, China's internet has leaked photos of the J20 fighter plane which China has developed by itself, which has drew a high level of attention of Western national defense and military experts. Some western experts believe, that as a step forward after the US' F22 and Russian T50, J20 is the world's most advanced fighter plane.

Vice editor-in-chief of the Asian edition of the internet magazine "Flying", said that nobody can keep a secret better than China, and that now the J20 fighter plane is already not a secret. He said that the outside world has learned the J20's existance has only two possible reasons: Either China will make it gradually transparent, or it wants to send a message to the outer world.    

[1]歼20 jiān - J20, a new Chinese stealth fighter plane. '歼' means 'annihilate' or 'destroy'.

[2]美国F22 měiguó - US' F22 Raptor aircraft; an American twin engine fighter plane, introduced in 2005.

[3]俄罗斯 éluósī T50 - Russian T50, or ' Sukhoi PAK FA'; a 5th generation Russion aircraft, currently in the test phases (planned to be introduced in 2015).

[4]《全球飞行》quánqiú fēixíng - 'Flying', a world famous aviation magazine, published since 1927.

[5] 副总编辑 fù zǒng biānjí - Vice editor-in-chief.

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