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全国首家海豚疗养院投用 - China's first dolphin treatment center is open print version
level 2        July 26, 2011  
两条受助海豚(sea dolphins)童童(TongTong)和涛涛(TaoTao),正式见客。童童和涛涛是一对受伤的海豚,雄性[1],属于宽吻海豚[2],分别是2008年3月18日和3月28日在东山(Shandong)附近海域被误捕[3]的。当时被发现时身体多处受伤,后被送入厦门(Xiamen)五缘湾海豚救护疗养(Wuyuan harbor for treatment and recuperation)。

昨天,火烧屿(Huaoshaoyu, an island in the Xiamen sea area)上的白海豚救护繁育基地[4]正式投用,副市长[5]潘世建显得格外开心。在基地投用仪式上,潘世建耐心地教自闭症[6]儿童拿剪刀剪彩,又兴奋地走到海豚池边,给两条海豚养食。看到几名自闭症儿童在与海豚亲密互动,他站在旁边笑得很高兴。他很激动的,因为在他心里16年的梦想终于实现了。



Two sea dolphins receiving aid, Tongtong and Taotao, are officially receiving guests. Tongtong and Taotao are two injured dolphins, both male dolphins, of the Bottle-Nosed Dolphin specie, which were separately caught by mistake in the sea area of Shandong, on March 18th and 28th, 2008. At the time they were found, there bodies were covered by injuries. They were later sent to Xiamen's Wuyuan harbor for treatment and recuperation.

Yesterday, the White Dolphins aid breeding base in Huoshaoyu was officially open, with (Xiamen's) vice-mayor Pan Shijian appearing especially happy. During the opening ceremony, Pan patiently taught autistic children to use scissors and cut a ribbon, and walked with excitement with them to the dolphins' pool side, feeding the two dolphins. When watching several autistic children closely interacting with the dolphins, he was standing on the side, laughing with joy. He was excited because a 16 years old dream he had in his heart has finally comes true.

Since 1995, when some plans were initiated, until today, when the base is officially built and utilized, 16 years have already passed by. The White Dolphin Aid Breeding Base covers more than 2000 square meters, which is mainly occupied by a treatment-recovery pool for China's White Dolphins and a breeding pool. After opening officially, the scientific research staff can carry out temporary aid, domesticated breeding and research of whales and dolphin species.

From today on, the base will undertake more functions, becoming a leisure park for Xiamen's residents and a recovery training base for autistic children, as well as other functions. According to what has been introduced, in this sea area which is close to the city, this kind of 'dolphin sanctuary park' is the first in the entire country. Combining this base with healthy recovery drills for disabled children, is an original and unique method. Autistic children can interact from close with dolphins in the shallow water of the sandy beach, using the dolphins' ultrasonic waves to activate dormancy cells in the brain, helping their treatment.

Original article published by 台海网 

[1]雄性 xióngxìng - Male (for animals)

[2] 宽吻海豚 kuān wěn hǎitún - Bottlenose dolphins, a common specie of oceanic dolphins

[3] 误捕 wù bǔ - Caught by mistake

[4] 白海豚救护繁育基地 bái hǎitún jiùhù fán yù jīdì - White Dolphin Aid & Breeding Center

[5] 副市长 fù shìzhǎng - Vice mayor

[6] 自闭症 zìbìzhèng - Autism

[7] 平方米 píngfāng mǐ - Square meter

[8] 中华白海豚治疗康复池 zhōnghuá bái hǎitún zhìliáo kāng fù chí - Treatment & recovery pool for China's White Dolphins

[9] 繁育池 fán yù chí - Breeding pool

[10] 科研人员 kēyánrényuán - Scientific research staff

[11] 鲸豚类 jīng tún lèi - Whale and dolphin species

[12] 休闲乐园 xiū xián lèyuán - Leisure park

[13] 康复训练 kāng fù xùnliàn  - Health recovery exercise

[14] 残疾儿童 cánjí értóng - Disabled children

[15] 独创 dú chuàng - Original, unique

[16] 超声波 chāoshēngbō - Ultrasonic waves

[17] 激活 jī huó - Activate

[18] 休眠细胞 xiū mián xìbāo - Dormancy cells, non-active cells

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