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媒体报道称国家旅游局开放西沙群岛旅游 - Media reports that China's Department of Tourism is preparing Xisha Islands for tourism print version
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Are the disputed Xisha Islands (Paracel Islands) in the South China Sea about the become a leading tourist destination? It is reported that the islands, which are under the administration of Hainan province, are being evaluated for tourism objectives. The obstacles stated by the Chinese Department of Tourism are not the dispute with Vietnam but rather ecological and weather conditions.

有媒体报道称,海南旅游发展委员会(Hainan's Tourism Development Committee)副主任[1]邓小刚透露:西沙(Xisha - Paracel Islands)旅游的发展规划[2]正在做,具体的方案也正在做,希望年内能够开通[3]到西沙的海洋旅游[4]。

国家旅游局新闻处(Information Service of the National Department of Tourism)的一名工作人员告诉记者,邓小刚于半年前已不再担任海南省旅游发展委员会副主任。对于此事,邓小刚在接受人民网(People's Daily)记者采访时也否认相关的报答。"

中国社会科学院(China's Academy of Social Sciences)人士李国强,曾去西沙做西沙群岛[5]旅游前期的考察评估[6]。他介绍说,西沙群岛生态[7]非常脆弱。西沙群岛不适合于大量人群上岛,不适合建娱乐设施[8],同时岛上没有淡水[9]。而且西沙群岛旅游季节性[10]比较强,在台风[11]季节不可能上岛旅游,游客安全问题如何保证。


Some media reports state that deputy director of the Tourism Development Committee of Hainan province, Deng Xiaogang, revealed that tourism in Xi Sha (Paracel Islands) is currently under development, including a concrete plan, and the aim is to enable traveling in Paracel Islands.

A worker of the information service of the National Tourism Department said that Deng Xiaogang is already not the deputy director of Hainan's Tourism Development Committee for over half a year. In an interview given to the People's Daily, Deng Xiaogang also denied the above publication.

Li Guoqiang of China's Academy of Social Sciences went in the past to Paracel Islands in order to make an investigation and evaluation. He said that the ecosystem in the islands is very frail. The islands cannot take masses of visitors, are not fit for the construction of entertainment services, and there is no fresh water on the islands. Furthermore, Paracel Islands require seasonal tourism. It is impossible to visit the islands in the typhoon season and one should consider how to ensure the safety of tourists.

[1] 副主任 fù zhǔrèn - Deputy director

[2] 发展规划 fāzhǎn guīhuà - Development plan

[3] 开通kāitong - Remove obstacles, clear the way for

[4] 海洋旅游 hǎiyáng lǚyóu - 'Ocean tourism'

[5] 群岛 qúndǎo - Archipelago

[6] 考察评估 kǎochá pínggū - Investigation and evaluation

[7] 生态 shēngtài - Ecosystem

[8] 娱乐设施yúlè shèshī - Entertainment services/constructions

[9] 淡水 dànshuǐ - Fresh water

[10] 季节性 jìjié xìng - Seasonal

[11] 台风 táifēng - Typhoon

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