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中国城镇人口首次超过农村人口 - China's urban population surpasses the rural population for the first time print version
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中国国家统计局(the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics)的数据显示,中国城镇人[1]去年首次超过农村人口[2]。这一人口数据里程碑[3]。


联合国(United Nations)表示,全球总人口[6]约70亿,其中大约51%的人生活在城市。相比之下,印度(India)城市居民[7]所占比例为30%,美国(USA)的城市人口比例则高达82%。


Data by the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics shows that last year China's urban population has surpassed the rural population for the first time, which is a milestone in Chinese population statistics.

The Chinese National Bureau of Statistics indicates that until the end of 2011, mainland China's population reached 1.347 billion, among which the population in cities and towns occupies 51.27%.

The UN data shows that the entire global population is 7 billion, among which 51% reside in cities. For comparison, the urban population in India occupies 30% of the total population, whereas in the U.S. the urban population occupies 82%.

In the last 30 years the Chinese economy developed fast. Enormous portions of the rural population left their native place, searching for a better job in the city. This has led to a very fast urbanization process. Data shows that only in 2011, the rural population dropped by 14.6 million.

[1] 城镇人口 chéngzhèn rénkǒu - Towns and cities' population, urban population

[2] 农村人口 nóngcūn rénkǒu - Rural population

[3] 里程碑 lǐchéngbēi - Milestone

[4] 总人口 zǒng rénkǒu - Total population

[5] 比例 bǐlì - Percentage, ratio

[6] 全球总人口 quánqiú zǒng rénkǒu - Total global population

[7] 城市居民 chéngshì jūmín - Urban residents

[8] 众多 zhòngduō - Numerous

[9] 背井离乡 bèijǐnglíxiāng - Leave one's native home

[10] 城市化 chéngshì huà - Urbanization

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