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中国计划生育药具经费投入不断加大 - China's investment in contraceptives is growing continuously print version
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记者22日在北京市海淀区(Haidian district, Beijing)某服务站[13]看到,居民马女士在"计划生育药具免费发放机"上[14]了一下身份证[15],再点击一个绿色按钮[16],一盒避孕套便从机器里"吐"了出来。通过新开发的"北京市免费药具发放服务平台",市民还可以实现网络或电话订货[17],只交1元递送费[18],免费避孕药具就能送到家。

In recent years, the investment funds in China's birth control contraceptives are unceasingly increasing, from 151 million RMB in 1990 to 582 million in 2011, a growth of 431 million. The provided contraceptives include medicine, condoms and intrauterine devices.

China has begun implementing the policy of free contraceptives supply in the 1970s. At present, the contraceptive management information service is continuously speeding up.

Deputy director of China's population family planning commission, Chen Li, points out that improvement of contraceptive supervision and of the quality of medicine service guarantess the safety of medicine (contraceptive) products.

In the countryside, service personnel intend to supply contraceptives by making home visits to people on fixed dates. In cities, a multi-level network model of contraceptive supply is set up, covering communities, offices, social organization, enterprises and institutions.

On November 22, reporters observed, in a certain service point in Beijing's Haidian district, that the resident Ms. Ma has slide her I.D. on the 'free contraceptive machine' and pressed a green button. A box of condoms has been then 'spitted' out from the machine. Through the newly developed 'Beijing's service platform of free contraceptive supply', townspeople can also order products through the internet and telephone. For an only 1 yuan delivery fee, free contraceptives can be sent to one's home. 

Original article published by Xinhua new agency

[1] 计划生育药具 jìhuàshēngyù yào jù - Family planning 'medicine', contraceptives

[2] 经费投入 jīngfèi tóurù - Investment funds

[3] 发放 fāfàng - Supply, provide

[4] 避孕 bìyùn - 'Avoid pregnancy', contraception

[5]避孕套 bìyùn tào - Condom

[6]宫内节育器 gōng nèi jiéyù qì - Intrauterine device (IUD)

[7] 人口计生委 rénkǒu jìshēng wěi - Commission of family planning

[8] 副主任 fù zhǔrèn - Deputy director

[9] 上门 shàngmén - Drop in visits

[10] 社会团体 shèhuì tuántǐ - Social organizations

[11] 企事业 qǐ shìyè - Enterprises and institutions

[12] 网络化 wǎngluò huà - Network, networking

[13] 服务站 fúwù zhàn - Service point/station

[14] 刷 shuà - Scan, paste, slide (here referring to putting one's ID on a condom machine, which is probably scanned or verified)

[15] 身份证 shēnfènzhèng - I.D.

[16] 按钮 ànniǔ - Button

[17] 订货 dìnghuò - Order goods, order products

[18] 递送费 dì sòng fèi - Delivery fee

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