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长沙将进行新时代学雷锋精神的活动 - Changsha is initiating new activities for studying 'the spirit of Lei Feng' print version
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The heroic Lei Feng (1940-1962), a soldier who Mao Zedong marked as a symbol of altruism and national loyalty is still a role model for many Chinese. Activities to study his deeds and learn his values are particularly taking place in his hometown of Changsha, where now new extensive educational initiatives are promoted.

长沙(Changsha, Hunan province)是雷锋(Lei Feng)的家乡,通过长期学雷锋实践[1],长沙近期提出"学雷锋应该做‘五个人'"。长沙市委宣传部(Chansha Municipal Ministry of Propaganda)副部长[2]杨长江(Yang Changjiang)表示,长期学雷锋实践显示,学雷锋作为一项覆盖全国[3]、开展多年的活动,面临的最大课题[4]在于如何拓宽思[5]和创新方法[6]。长沙市通过举行全国学雷锋先进代表座谈[7]、媒体讨论、等活动,开始逐步提出新时期学雷锋要做好"五个人":做一个忠诚于党和人民[8]、爱岗敬业[9]、团结友爱[10]、道德高尚[11]、诚实守信[12]的人。

目前,长沙市正围绕[13]"五个人",将新时代雷锋精神[14]通过"市民[15]""网民谈""博士谈""专家谈""博客[16]谈""微博(Weibo, China's leading microblogging service)谈"等形式对社会广泛宣传。

Changsha is the hometown of Lei Feng. After a long period of teaching and studying the deeds of Lei Feng, Changsha is now promoting the idea that "the study of Lei Feng should teach how to accomplish 'the 5 people'". Vice minister of the Department of Propaganda Changsha's Municipal Party Committee, Yang Changjiang, says that studying the practice of Lei Feng has showed that, as this topic covers the entire country and has been in progress for many years, the present task lies in how to broaden one's thinking and bringing forth new ideas. Through holding a national advance forum of Lei Feng studies, organizing media discussions and more, Changsha municipality is progressively expressing the idea that in the new era Lei Feng studies should teach how to master '5 people' (five human characteristics): Being loyal to the party and the people, respecting hard work, solidarity and friendship, morality and nobility, a person who keeps promises.

At present, Changsha municipality is revolving around the '5 people' theme. In this modern era it hopes that the 'Lei Feng spirit' would be extensively propagated through 'public discourse', 'netizen discourse', 'academic discourse', 'expert discourse', 'blog discourse' and 'Weibo (China's leading microblogging service) discourse'.

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[1] 雷锋实践 léi fēng shíjiàn - 'The Lei Feng parctice', studying the deeds and story of Lei Feng in order to learn about proper behavior and good values

[2] 副部长 fùbùzhǎng - Vice minister

[3] 覆盖全国 fùgài quánguó - 'Covering the country', national

[4] 课题 kètí - Task, question of study

[5] 拓宽思路 tuòkuān sī lù - Broaden the thinking

[6] 创新方法 chuàngxīn fāngfǎ - Initiating new ideas

[7] 座谈 zuòtán - Symposium, forum

[8] 忠诚于党和人民 zhōngchéng yú dǎng hé rénmín - 'Loyal to the Party and the people'

[9]爱岗敬业 ài gǎng jìng yè - 'Love mound, respect work', hardworking

[10]团结友爱 tuánjié yǒuài - Solidarity and friendship

[11]道德高尚 dàodé gāoshàng - Morality and nobility

[12] 守信 shǒu xìn - Keeping promises

[13] 围绕 weirao - Revolve around, focus on

[14] 雷锋精神 léi fēng jīngshen - 'Lei Feng spirit'

[15] 谈 tán - Discourse, forum, domain of discussion

[16] 博客 bókè - Internet blog

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