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Between heaven and earth - Photography exhibition that demonstrates the aspirations of common Chinese print version

What makes one's identity, the daily ground one walks on or the higher air one aspires and desires? This is basically the topic of the interesting photo series- '现实给了梦想多少时间?' 'how much time does reality allow for a dream to exist?', which has been recently exposed in the Chinese media and brough some smiles, some bitter, some hopeful, to the viewing audience.

'How much time reality gives a dream' or 'how much time does reality allow a dream?' is a new photography series by Fan Shunzan, who has presented this work at the Pingyao International Photography Festival (平遥摄影节) this year. A simple format, letting Chinese people, mostly of lower classes, to be shot next of a background that represents their aspiration, while the ground is the less inspiring reality where their daily lives takes place.

Looking at the pictures brings about some sarcastic and pessimistic flavors, as first one notices the colorful promising background, sensing that the subject fits it well, and then, through the 'ground level' and the attached information given, it is understood how much distant the 'dream' actually is. On the other hand, if poor hardworking people can be inspired and match the background so well, then perhaps this also illustrates their open dreamful heart. Although there is a clash between the desired and the real identities, they seem to peacefully coexist within the photographed subjects, and probably within many Chinese who maintain some dreams.

As it can be seen, some dreams have to do with 'elevating' to a higher class and quality of life, while other are more modest and refer to visiting a place and enjoying a different experience, even if for a short instance:


 A construction worker thinking about a white-collar life in one of the building he might have assisted to build


 A modest toy vendors wants to take her kid for a trip to Shanghai


 A rural couple wants to see Tian'anmen square before they depart from this world


 A peasant couple is dreaming about a romantic European-style wedding


 A housewife just wants to lose some weights and enjoy a relaxed day on the beach


 A young disabled man wishes to win gold in the Olympics/Paralympics championship

More from the photos can be seen here.

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