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京沪高铁项目位克扣征地补偿款4.91亿元 - Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway Project has embezzled ¥491 million of compensation funds print version
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The railway sector has become a target of criticism in recent days, as the National Audit Office discovered incidents of fraud that took place in the bidding process for the construction of the Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway, conducted by the Ministry of Railways, and in the management of compensation funds by local governments.

3月19日,据审计署(The National Audit Office)网站消息,审计署于2011年6月至9月对京沪高铁(Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway)建设项目进行了阶段性审计[1]。审计结果显示,京沪高铁沿线[2]个别地方基层单位[3]套取[4]、截留[5]、挪用[6]征地拆迁[7]资金4.91亿元。


南京江宁经济技术开发区(Jiangning Development Zone in Nanjing)管理委员会[10]2008年10月使用虚假资料[11],申请征地补偿款[12]1.40亿元。截至2011年6月底,江宁开发区管委会已套取补偿款4000万元。

天津市北辰区(Tianjin's Beichen district)2008年在京沪高铁征地拆迁中,截留拆迁补偿资金3.40亿元。对于天津市北辰区套取、截留征地拆迁资金的问题,相关地方政府正在组织专门进行调查处理。

On March 19, the news website of The National Audit Office revealed that the office has conducted an investigation of the construction project of the Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway for the period of June to September 2011. Audit results show that the railway construction in some base units was achieved through fraudulent purchase, withhold of capital and embezzlement of funds intended for a compensation of ¥491 million for land expropriation.

Audit results suggest that the Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway project contains nonstandard purchase of materials and unusual engineering managements that did not meet the project's goals.

Board of management of Nanjing's Jiangning Development Zone used false data in October 2008, applying for a compensation of ¥140 million from the railway using false documents. Until the end of June 2011, the board of managements has illegally compensated it with ¥4,000,000.
Tianjin Beichen district withheld ¥340 million in its accounts, which was supposed to be used for compensation for land expropriated during the construction of the Beijing Shanghai railway. Concerning money withheld by the Tianjin Beichen district, the local government is organizing a special investigation of the matter.

Original article published by 中国新闻网

[1] 审计 shěnjì - Audit

[2] 沿线 yán xiàn - Along the line (along the route)

[3] 基层单位 jīcéng dānwèi - Base units

[4]套取 tào qǔ - Fraudulent purchase

[5]截留 jié liú - Withhold money (intended for others)

[6] 挪用 nuóyòng - Diversion of funds

[7] 拆迁 chāi qiān - Land expropriation

[8] 物资采购 wùzī cǎigòu - Purchase of materials

[9] 不到位 bù dào wèi - Not reach a scheduled objective/destination/deadline

[10]管理委员会 guǎnlǐ wěiyuánhuì - Board of management

[11] 虚假资料 xūjiǎ zīliào - False material

[12] 补偿款 bǔcháng kuǎn - Compensation

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