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北京文物局针对故宫失窃展开“大普查”- Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage will carry out a 'big investigation' following the theft in the Imperial Palace print version
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对此北京市博物馆将开展文物安全大检查,以严打文物犯罪。并有望启动博物馆藏品[11]等国有可移动文物认定、登录,并完成"大普查"工作。 该负责人表示,这项工作存在一定难度,预计用5年时间完成。


Yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage has held a news conference regarding the theft in the Imperial Palace. Deputy director Liu Chaoying announced that at present, the security technology of the museum is already invulnerable, while the biggest problem lies in the working staff's lack of awareness and sense of responsibility. In addition, related persons of charge pointed out that the security management difficulties of the Cultural Unit isn't the static old buildings but the security of moveable historical items.

Concerning this matter, Beijing's museums will develop major inspections of security of historical relics, taking severe measurements to prevent such crimes. Furthermore, there is hope that a procedure of identifying and registering museum preserved items and mobile national historical relics will be initiated, and that the task of 'the big investigation' will be accomplished. The responsible personnel said that such task faces big difficulties and it is estimated to be accomplished within a period of 5 years.

According to the information presented, the general, national level, investigation of mobile historical relics can be divided into several phases: Until the end of this year, standards and firm technology criteria will be announced, and preparations prior the launching of the project will also be developed; Next year, the investigation mechanism will be set up in various regions, and in addition, the training of the relevant investigation personnel will be carried out simultaneously; From January 2013 until December 2015, the stage of the substantial work of the national investigation of mobile historical relics will be realized. The entire project will finish in 2016.

[1] 北京市文物局 běijīng shì wénwù jú - Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage

[2] 故宫 gùgōng - Imperial Palace, also known as the 'Forbidden City'; the site of the Chinese imperial palace since the Ming Dynasty (built around 1410 AD) until the end of Qing Dynasty. The site includes the Palace Museum, where many valuable items are stored.

[3] 故宫失窃 gùgōng shīqiè - 'Imperial Palace suffer theft'. On May 8th, items in total value of around $1.6 million, including jewelry and handicrafts were stolen from an exhibition which is a loan from a private Hong Kong museum.

[4] 新闻发布会xīnwén fābù huì - Press conference

[5] 副局长 fù  júzhǎng - Deputy director

[6] 博物馆 bówùguǎn - Museum

[7] 安保技术 ānbǎo jìshù - Security technology

[8] 无懈可击 wú xiè kě jī - Invulnerable

[9] 文博单位 wén bó dānwèi - Short for 文物博物馆单位, the unit of cultural museums

[10] 文物 wénwù - Cultural or Historical relics

[11] 藏品 cáng pǐn - Preserved objects; here referring to museum items

[12] 试点 shìdiǎn - Project launching, experiment

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