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重庆山东选美 审美or审丑?- Beauty shows in Chongqing and Shandong: appreciation of 'beauty' or 'ugliness' print version
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Beauty shows are becoming a source of ridicule in these days in China. After netizes hammered a Chongqing beauty show, that operates under the 52nd Miss International, for selecting three 'ugly looking girls', in a completely different platform, the Shandong branch of 2012 Miss Bikini Universe, results were also not 'impressive'. Is this a new realm of corruption or only a matter of 'taste'? Anyhow, these events bring out the best out of humorous Chinese netizens.

7月10日,2012环球比基尼小姐大赛(2012 Miss Bikini Universe)山东(Shandong)赛区[1]决出的前三强[2]再次被网友狠批[3]。到底是大众的审美观[4]出现了问题,还是另有其因,实在让人费解[5]。

近日,第52届国际小姐(52nd Miss International)中国大赛重庆(Chongqing)赛区前三强遭到网友不满。很多网友认为,这三位女孩从相貌上来说不能算作美女。

而11日一则评委自曝"遭遇压力,结果非人愿[6]"的消息。据《重庆晨报》(Chongqing Morning Post)报道,有选手[7]透露,早在训练[8]阶段,她们就猜到谁会是冠军[9]。


July 10, the three winners of 2012 Miss Bikini Universe in Shandong were announced and yet again were ruthlessly criticized by netizens. Is there a problem with the 'aesthetic' taste of the public or are there other reasons that is hard to understand for these selections.

Recently, the three winners of the Chongqing competition within the 52nd Miss International left netizens unsatisfied. Many netizens believe that these three girls, judging by their appearance, are certainly not 'beautiful women'.

On July 11 a member of the evaluation committee revealed that they 'encountered pressure and the results were not optimal." According to the "Chongqing Morning Post", some contestants exposed that they could guess who would win already in the early training stages.

A contestants who reached the top ten competitors but preferred to remain anonymous, told journalists some stories from behind the scenes. She said that during the competition, the training instructor was very warm to some of the contestants and that "in an early stage we had already guessed the winner and runner-up."

Bikini winners in the Shandong show (top) and the three disputable winners of the Chongqing Miss International (bottom), combined with a satiric item by a Taiwanese TV.

Original article published by 重庆商报

[1] 赛区 sài qū - Competition area, sub-competition

[2] 三强 sān qiáng - 'Top three'

[3] 狠批 hěn pī - Criticize ruthlessly

[4] 审美观 shěnměi guān - Aesthetic taste

[5] 费解 fèi jiě - Hard to understand

[6] 非人愿 fēi rén yuàn - Not ideal, not the right choice

[7] 选 手xuǎnshǒu - Competitor, contestant

[8] 训练 xùnliàn - Training, rehearsal

[9] 冠军 guànjūn - Champion

[10] 记者采访 jìzhě cǎifǎng - Reporters' interview

[11] 内幕 nèimù - Behind the scenes

[12] 亲切 qīnqiè - Warm, intimate

[13] 亚军 yàjūn - Runner-up

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