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四川志愿者8万元买下一车狗 - Animal activists in Sichuan bought a truck of dogs for 80,000 yuan print version

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14日下午,四川省自贡市(Zigong city, Sichuan province)一家废弃的别墅[1]内,狗贩[2]在装载狗上车准备运往广西(Guangxi province)销售时,被动物保护志愿[3]者阻止,并随即通过微博[4]引起各地志愿者关注。自贡动物保护志愿者"蚊子"称,这些私自贩卖的小动物,没有经过检验的,对公众的食品安全[5]有很大的影响。"蚊子"介绍,这种阻止行为,是为了减少小动物通过非法途径[6]进入餐饮市场[7],预防重大食品安全问题的出现。然后她将这一消息发在自己的微博上,并通过电话向爱狗志愿者请求援助。

从当晚10时起,先后有成都(Chengdu)、泸州(Luzhou)、内江(Neizhou)、宜宾(Yibin)等地的数十名动物保护志愿者和网友[8]赶往现场,与贩狗负责人协商,希望放了小狗,并向自贡市相关部门进行了报警[9]。15日凌晨2时许,中国小动物保护协会[10]四川负责人乔伟等5名志愿者赶往事发现场,代表志愿者与贩狗方交流。在狗被志愿者和网友阻止后,收购和贩运这批狗的老板也感到十分委屈。"我们这批狗是运往广西喂养[11]的,是6元多一斤(1/2 Kg)收购来的,15000多斤算狗的成本有12万元左右。"他称,"收狗5年是第一次遇到这样的事,如果这些狗死了,我要找他们赔损失[12]。"

最终,在当地政府部门[13]的组织协调下,15日晚9时30分左右,双方达成协议,由成都"爱之家"[14]和四川启明动物收养中心('Qiming animal adoption center')两家分别收养900多只狗,从救助的角度,志愿者给贩狗者共83600元。


On the 14th in the afternoon, an abandoned villa in Zigong city, Sichuan province; as dog dealer were loading dogs on their vehicle, preparing to sell them in Guangxi province, animal protection activists stopped them, and soon after, caught the attention of volunteers through the Weibo microblog. Animal protection activist 'Wen zi' (mosquito) said that these privately dealt small animals haven't been inspected, which could have a major effect on food safety and people's health. 'Wen zi' explained that this action by activists was conducted in order to reduce the number of small animals channeled to the food market illegally, and in order to prevent food safety problems. Later she posted this news in her Weibo account and called dog-lover activists through the telephone, asking for help.

From 10 pm in that evening, dozens of animal protection activists from Chengdu, Luzhou, Neijiang, Yibin and other locations, as well as many netizens, hurried to the scene and talked with the person in charge of dog dealing. They hoped he would release the small dogs and they reported the incident to relevant departments in Zigong city. On 2am, morning of the 15th, the person in charge of the Sichuan branch of China's Small Animal Protection Association, Qiao Wei, and five additional volunteers, rushed to the site to negotiate with the dog dealers in the name of all animal activists. As the dog transfer was blocked by activists and netizens, the manager of the dog transfer felt extremely inconvenient. "We transfer these dogs to Guangxi, where people feed on them. They are sold for 6 yuan for 500 grams; over 7500 kg has a value of 120000 yuan, more or less", he said. "In five years that I'm a dog dealer, this is the first time I encounter such an incident. If the dogs die they will need to pay for them."

Finally, through the coordination of governmental organizations, at around 9:30 pm in the evening of the 15th, the two sides reached an agreement: Chengdu's 'Love House' and Sichuan's 'Venus dog adoption center' shall adopt over 900 dogs, as activist gave the dog dealers a sum of 83,600 yuan.

Original article published by 黑龙江晨报 - Heilongjiang Morning Post  

[1] 别墅 biéshù - Villa

[2] 狗贩 gǒu fàn - Dog-dealing

[3] 动物保护志愿 dòngwù bǎohù zhìyuàn - Animal protection activists/volunteers

[4] 微博 wēibó - Microblog (usually referring to the microblog service of

[5] 食品安全 shípǐn ānquán - Food safety

[6]非法途径 fēifǎ tújìng - Illegal channels

[7] 餐饮市场 cānyǐn shìchǎng - Food market

[8] 网友 wǎngyǒu - Netizens

[9] 报警 bàojǐng - Report an incident

[10] 中国小动物保护协会 zhōngguó xiǎo dòngwù bǎohù xiéhuì- China Small Animals Protection Association (CSAPA), formed in 1992, approved by the Ministry of Agriculture,composed by volunteers who seek to improve the treatment of animals (read more here)

[11] 喂养 wèiyǎng - feed

[12] 赔损失 péi sǔnshī - Compensate for losses

[13] 政府部门 zhèngfǔ bùmén - Government departments

[14] "爱之家" ài zhī jiā - "Love House", an animal protection organization, Chengdu.

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