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内地人香港生「龙B」增长惊人 - An astonishing growth in the number of mainland Chinese giving birth to 'Dragon Babies' in Hong Kong print version
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龙年[1]已过了很多次,各地早已累积了迎接大量「龙B[2]」的经验,但这次的龙年不同,因为香港(Hong Kong)除了要应付[3]「香港龙B」出生之外,还要承受[4]额外的大批「双非龙B[5]」。内地(mainland China)「双非」到香港生子,主要是认为香港教育及福利[6]较好。2010年来自「双非」父母的香港婴儿近32000名,占在港出生婴孩四成[7]。专家估计,龙年「双非婴儿」的增长可以很惊人。



Many Dragon years have passed already and every location has long ago experienced the Dragon Baby phenomenon. Still, this Dragon year is different because Hong Kong doesn't only has to deal with the birth of 'Hong Kong Dragon Babies', it also has to endure an extra large number of Dragon Babies of parent who aren't Hong Kong residents. Mainland Chinese arrive to Hong Kong to give birth since they believe that education and material benefits are better there. In 2010, almost 32,000 infants of non residents were born in Hong Kong, which occupy 40% of all babies born. Experts estimate that in this Dragon year, the growth in the number of such babies born in Hong Kong could be astonishing.

In recent years, the birth rate in Hong Kong has dropped. Hong Kong people, like mainland Chinese, believe that Dragon symbolized power and wealth. Although Hong Kong doesn't have the same level of craziness for having Dragon Babies that exists in some mainland Chinese regions, there are still many pregnant women who will give birth to Dragon Babies. In a time when so many non-resident couples are also present, Hong Kong women cannot help worrying about shortage in beds for childbirth.

A mother who was embracing her baby on the street said that in the future Hong Kong babies will compete with babies of mainland Chinese parents over education. More and more Hong Kong people are calling radio programs, criticizing the fact that mainland Chinese women come to Hong Kong to give birth and take the resources of local pregnant women.

Original article published by 文汇报

[1] 龙年 lóngnián - Dragon year, the new Chinese year, which according to the Chinese Zodiac is Dragon year (23.1.12-9.2.13)

[2]龙B lóng - 'Dragon Babies', infants born during Dragon year, who according to superstitions would have strong positive characteristics later in life

[3] 应付 yìngfu - Handle, deal with

[4] 承受 chéngshòu - Endure

[5]双非龙B shuāng fēi lóng - Dragon Babies of parents who are both not Hong Kong residents (here referring to mainland Chinese residents)

[6] 福利 fúlì - Material benefits

[7] 四成 sì chéng - 40%

[8] 生育率 shēngyù lǜ - Birth rate

[9] 疯狂 fēngkuáng - Crazy, insane

[10] 孕妇 yùnfù - Pregnant women

[11] 分娩床位 fēnmiǎn chuángwèi - Childbirth (hospital) beds

[12] 电台节目 diàntái jiémù - Radio programs

[13] 资源 zīyuán - Resources

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