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Thinking Chinese is a place where modern China is exposed to the foreign reader in an innovative and revealing manner (Section Guide, ThinkingChinese Team).

At Thinking Chinese we put efforts to realize two goals shared by users who are interested in the Chinese language and culture. Anyone who wishes to learn about China and improve his or her Mandarin skills can achieve both aims by mastering language skills, while reading about a wide range of topics, from China breaking news to business updates, from Chinese social networks to China's most popular movie stars and more.

The content in Thinking Chinese is managed by a staff which includes Chinese writers, former students of the Chinese language and westerners living in China. Together we produce content in English and easy to read Chinese, helping readers improve their language skills step by step.

In this multicultural sphere, Chinese users can also join and improve their English (and other languages) skills by contacting speakers of other languages through the language partner engine, as well as write about China-related-matters close to their hearts by adding authentic content.

Without doubting the great contribution of some other sites to students of Mandarin and Chinese culture (some are recommended by us in the links section), we offer an additional approach, which requires some diligence, though becomes very rewarding soon enough.

Additional explanations can be found in each section of our site.







Section Guide - 部分简介

Reading Chinese News 
- Reading daily news about China
- Reading the news in easy-to-read Chinese, choosing between 3 difficulty levels.
中国人—— 想提高自身英语阅读能力的中国用户, 可以通过阅读文章的英语部分, 再靠中  文翻译部分 理解自己尚不清楚的地方。

Inside China
Reading English articles about a variety of topics which hit waves in mainland China. 
中国人, 除了读文章外, 还可以表达自己对某一主题的意见或是自身的亲身体验, 并通过“添加文章”向外国用户介绍一些当代中国文化或社会现象。

Language Partner - 语伴速配
- Choose an online Chinese language partner, with whom you could practice your Chinese speaking skills, while allowing him or her to practice your mother tongue.
- 根据您想学习的语言, 找一个合适的语伴, 不断练习语伴的母语。

Language Center - 汉语园地
Get a closer look at some aspects of Chinese language that are relevant to life in China, enrich your vocabulary and understand the deeper meaning of Chinese expressions.

Thinking Chinese Team - 汉思小队
All the content in our site is original, and is subject to intransigent copyrights.  

5335_263809540456_731095456_8248556_5412796_n_604_01        n1037203646_2179713_528_437 
 Gil Hizi, M.A East Asia,
admin, Inside China author 
       淘璐敏 Tao Lumin, Jinhua,
 Language Center master 
     高乐 Gao Le, marketing,
Chinese culture analysis 
 李子津 Li Zijin, Beijing,
Chief Editor Reading the Paper.
Our voice of Chinese media. 
       Tommy T. Internet wizzard and
a grand consumer of Chinese
culture. No big decision here is
made without him.

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