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英国卫报:中国部分监狱强迫犯人打网游盈利 - The English Guardian: A Chinese prison forces prisoners to play internet games for profit print version
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英国卫报(The Guardian)今日发表了一篇关于《中国部分监狱[1]强迫犯人[2]打网游[3]盈利》的文章,犯人刘大力讲述了中国鸡西(Jixi, Heilongjiang province)监狱强迫犯人从事网络游戏打钱的事情。劳改营[4]的犯人白天做苦工,晚上进行网络打金游戏。刘大力说他是众多被强迫进行网络游戏的犯人之一。


由于缺乏规律,以致犯人受到剥削,被迫在这种虚拟世界[10]中赚钱。位于华盛顿德(Washington)劳改基金会[11]反对中国的强迫性的劳改营,Nicole Kempton是其中一员,她指出,把监狱中制作的物品出口到欧洲是违法的。

The English Guardian has published an article about 'a Chinese jail forces prisoners to play internet games to make profit'. The prisoner Liu Dali has described the matter, in which Chinese Jixi jail has forced prisoners to engage in internet games and earn money. Liu Dali of the reform-through-labor prison works hard during daytime and in the evening plays internet-money-earning games. Liu Dali says he is one of numerous prisoners who are forced to play internet games.

Liu Dali says: "Altogether there are 300 prisoners who are forced to play games. In the reform-through-labor prison we change shift every 12 hours. I heard them saying that we can earn 5000-6000 RMB per day. The computers are open all along. " The prisoners get higher score through the games, afterwards the prison police take these score points and make a transaction, thereby exchanging it to cash. Except for mining, prisoners have to cut planks, carve chopsticks and toothpicks as well as install vehicle chair-cover. The prison exports these products to Korea and Japan. If prisoners are unable to complete the workload, the prison police can enforce corporal punishment upon them.

Since regulations are lacking, prisoners are being exploited and are forced to earn money in this virtual world. Reform through labor foundation in Washington oppose this type force in reform-through-labor prison. Nicole Kempton is among such objectors. She says that to export the goods which the prison manufactures to Europe is a violation of law.

Based on an article published in 速途网

[1] 监狱 jiānyù - Prison

[2] 犯人 fànrén - Prisoner

[3] 网游 wǎng yóu (short for 网络游戏 wǎngluò yóuxì) - Internet games

[4] 劳改营 láo gǎi yíng - Reform through labor prison, force labor prisons

[5] 点数 diǎn shǔ - Score

[6] 狱警 yù jǐng - Prison police

[7] 矿工 kuànggōng - Mining

[8] 汽车座椅套 qìchē zuò yǐ tào - Vehicle seat cover

[9] 体罚 tǐ fá - Corporal punishment

[10] 虚拟世界 xūnǐ shìjiè - Virtual world

[11]劳改基金会 láo gǎi jījīnhuì - Laogai (reform through labor) Research Foundation; a Washington foundation investigating human rights issues in China

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