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美承诺解决孔子学院中国教师签证问题 - The US promises to solve the visa problem of Chinese teachers in Confucius Institutes print version
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A new cultural crisis between US and China erupted last week, as the US State Department decided to take measures against the numerous Chinese teachers in Confucius Institutes throughout the country, who do not possess proper documentation. This news strongly echoed in the Chinese media that criticized the American decision. In a recent reverse decision, the US claimed to adopt a more flexible approach and to solve this problem in a more tactful manner.

美国务院(US State Department)承诺采取灵活态度[1],解决有关美国大学孔子学院(Confucius Institutes)的中国教师签证[2]问题。


方茂田(Fang Maotian, Minister Counselor for Education Affairs in the Chinese embassy in the US)在为[6]华盛顿(Washington)中国媒体机构[7]举行的吹风会[8]上说,美国务院要求规范[9]中国教师J-1签证。驻美使馆[10]立即向美国务院提出交涉[11]。中方对美国务院的做法表示严重关切[12]。

The American State Department promised to adopt measures to and a more flexible attitude, solving the Visa problem of Chinese teachers in Confucius Institutes in the US. 

On May 17, the American State Department published directions to American universities hosting Confucius Institutes. It stated that since foreign teachers in primary and middle schools require a 'teacher' category J-1 visa, therefore teachers in Confucius Institutes that possess a 'professor' or 'researcher' J-1 Visa cannot teach in primary or middle schools and must leave the country or apply for a visa later on. Furthermore, after initial investigation, the US State Department believes that the Confucius Institutes have evidently yet gain American endowments and documentation. 

In an advance briefing given to Chinese media stationed in Washington, Fang Maotian (Minister Counselor for Education Affairs in the Chinese embassy in the US) said that the American State Department demands to standardize the V-1 Visa for Chinese teachers. The Chinese embassy in the US immediately started negotiations with the American State Department. The Chinese side expressed deep concerns regarding the measures of the American State Department.

[1] 灵活态度 línghuó tàidù - Flexible approach

[2] 签证 qiānzhèng - Visa

[3] 中小学 zhōng xiǎo xué - Primary and middle schools

[4] 申请签证 shēnqǐng qiānzhèng - Apply for visa

[5] 资质认证 zī zhì rènzhèng - Endowments and documentations

[6] 驻 zhù - Stationed at

[7] 媒体机构 méitǐ jīgòu - Media groups

[8] 吹风会 chuī fēng huì - Advance briefing

[9] 规范 guīfàn - Standardize

[10] 使馆 shǐguǎn - Embassy

[11]交涉 jiāoshè - Negotiate

[12] 严重关切 yánzhòngguānqiè - Serious/deep concerns

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