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北斗卫星将增添授时功能,这将帮助力中国通信行业摆脱对美国GPS的依赖 - A GPS clock function will be added to the Beidou satellite, allowing the Chinese Communications become independent of US GPS print version
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中国北斗卫星导航系统除了可以提供高精度[8]、高可靠的定位、导航[9]和授时[10]服务。 "我国北斗卫星成功的发射意味着我国将摆脱对美国GPS依赖,并且也使人们有了更多选择。而且以后加入北斗卫星的芯片[11]成本越来越低,现在相关孵化器[12]已经建成。"相关专家如是说。


The 8th Chinese Beidou satellite was launched successfully on April 10th. Experts in this field express that this satellite has a very significant influence and contributions, especially in the GPS clock function.

At present, the Chinese CDMA and TD-SCDMA require a GPS clock function in switching, roaming and other functions. Though such GPS is mainly a product of the American Air Force, and is constantly developed and maintained by the United States Department of Defense. Regarding this matter, relevant experts worry that "our country's communications industry network technology could face safety risks if we depend on American GPS system completely."

These experts say: "So it is necessary for our country to develop the technology. It is dangerous if our net safety is controlled by others. At present, all walks life use this GPS service free of charge, but what till we do if it will cost money later on?"

The Chinese Beidou satellite navigation system can provide high precision and a high reliable location, navigation and time service. "Beidou satellite's successful launch means that our country will become independent of American GPS, and people will have more choices. Furthermore, the chip added to the satellite would cost less and less later on, as relevant incubating machinery has been constructed already", Relevant experts said.

The Beidou satellite's short message function has caught the attention of industry personnel. Relevant experts explain that the function is similar to SMS, but it can reach areas beyond the range of telecommunication networks, and individuals from the fishery industry in the South Chinese Sea have tried it already. In fact, as far back as 2008, during the Wenchuan Earthquake, the short message function has played an important role. It can accurately report locations and conditions during a disaster situation, where there is no phone line and the telecommunication network is interrupted.

[1] 北斗卫星 běidǒu wèixīng - Beidou (Big Deeper) satellite, Beidou navigation system; a Chinese project, attempting to develop an independent satellite navigation system. Currently the experimental Beidou1 satellites are used (the 8th among them was launched on April 10th 2011). The Beidou2 satellites are intended to be completed and used later on, with the aim of completing a global satellite navigation system by 2020.

[2] 通信行业 tōngxìn hángyè - Communication industry

[3] CDMA, TD-SCDMA - Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access (TD-SCDMA); the latter is a an air interface found in UMTS mobile telecommunications in China, serving as an alternative to the commonly utilized CDMA, as China seeks to establish an independent system in this field.

[4] 空军 kōngjūn - Air Force

[5] 国防部 guófángbù - Ministry of Defense

[6] 网络 wǎngluò - Network

[7] 各行各业 gèhánggèyè - Every industry, all walks of life

[8] 精度 jīng duó - Precision

[9] 导航 dǎoháng - Guided navigation

[10] 授时shòushí - Time service

[11] 芯片 xīnpiàn - Chip

[12] 孵化器 fūhuà qì - Incubating machinery

[13] 短信 duǎnxìn - Short message service (SMS)

[14] 电信网 diànxìn wǎng - Telecommunications system

[15] 汶川地震 wèn chuān dìzhèn - Wenchuan earthquake, also known as the Sichuan earthquake, May 12th 2008, in which approximately 70,000 people were killed.

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