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APEC领导人非正式会议在日本横滨闭幕 - The Informal APEC Leaders' Meetings in Yokohama Concluded print version
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宣言说, APEC将致力于实施本次会议上提出的《领导人增长战略》,即推动亚太经济实现平衡、可持续、创新、安全增长,以应对21世纪的机遇与挑战。





The 18th leader informal summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) was concluded in Yokohama (Japan) on November 14th. The announcement published after the conference states that APEC will continue to promote the progress of regional economic integration and by practical measurements induce the construction of self trade regions in Asia and the Pacific.

The announcement stated the APEC is devoting itself to implement the "leaders' growth strategy" which was raised in the conference, namely promoting the balance achieved in the economy of Asia and Pacific, as well as persistence, creativity and secure growth; responding to the opportunities and challenges in the 21st century.

The statement expressed that the economy of Asia and the Pacific is now recovering from the global financial crisis, but such recovery still faces unclear factors. At the same time, Asia and the Pacific are the most rich and vital regions on the globe, and as such, the role they play is increasingly important.

The statement also mentioned that APEC greets the achievements of the 20 nations' summit meetings, and will continue to promote a more formidable construction and an elastic system for world finance, opposing trade protectionism.

Furthermore, the convention issued three concluding documents: "The leaders political explanation of the 'Bogor Objective' examination", "the leader's growth strategies" and "the possible ways of establishing free trade zones in Asia and the Pacific".

In the week of the APEC leaders' summit in the port city of Yokohama (7th-14th of November), the two days of informal meetings were the climax of the entire summit week. Each side centered on the themes of 'transformation and operation', going deep into the discussion about growth strategies, the security of humans, economic integration of regions, examining the 'Bogor Objective', many round talks, as well as other discussion topics to be developed by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

[1]亚太经合组织 (yàtài jīnghé zǔzhī) - Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), a forum of 21 nations, wishing to promote economic cooperation and free trade and the Asia and Pacific regions.

[2] 领导人非正式会议 (lǐngdǎorén fēizhèngshì huìyì) - Annual APEC Economic Leaders' (informal) Meetings. The annual meetings of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, in which ministers from all 21 forum members governments participate. Such conferences are two days long, but other informal meetings are held throughout one week.

[3] 亚太 (yàtài) - Short for 亚洲 and 太平洋, Asia and the Pacific.

[4] 自贸区 (zì mào qū) - Short for 自由贸易区, free trade zones.

[5] 二十国集团峰会 (èrshí guó jítuán fēnghuì) - The summit meetings for the 20 nations; the formal forum summit conference.

[6] 贸易保护主义 (màoyì bǎohùzhǔyì) - 'Trade protectionism', protectionist and favorable measures in trade.

[7] 茂物目标 (màowù mùbiāo) - 'Bogor Objective'; A target of liberalization of trade and investment, called after Bogor (in Chinese 茂物) the city where the 1994 APEC Conference was held, in which this target was first agreed upon by APEC forum members.

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