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中国六成青年对婚前性行为态度宽容 - 60% of Chinese youth do not object pre-marital sex print version
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7月11日是第23个世界人口日(23rd World Population Day),联合国人口基金(The Population Fund of the United Nations)将主题确定为"普及生殖健康服务[1]"。中国最新公布的一项调查[2]结果显示,中国六成[3]青年对婚前性行为[4]态度宽容[5]。

这项由北京大学人口研究所(population research institute at Beijing University)进行的调查显示,中国有超过3亿青少年[6]。中国未婚青少年中,约有60%青年对婚前性行为持比较宽容的态度,22%的青少年曾有性行为。

调查数据显示,超过半数的青少年在首次性行为时未使用任何避孕[7]方法,在有性行为的女性青少年中,21%经历了意外妊娠[8], 86%的意外妊娠最终以人工流产[9]结束。只有4.4%的青少年具有正确的生殖健康知识,14%的青少年具有正确的艾滋病(HIV)预防[10]知识。


July 11 was the 23rd World Population Day. The Population Fund of the United Nations decided to 'popularize sexual (reproduction) education'. A new survey published in China demonstrates that 60% of China's youth are permissive concerning pre-marital sex.

This survey, published by the population research institute at Beijing University, shows that there are over 300 million youth in China. Among Chinese youngsters who has yet to married, about 60% accept (have no ideological problem with) pre-marital sex. 22% of youngsters have already engaged in sexual intercourse.

Data of the survey also illustrate that over half of youngsters have not used any contraception in their first sexual encounter. Among young women who had sex, 21% had experienced accidental pregnancies, among whom 86% terminated the pregnancy through abortion.

Only 4.4% of youth has a 'correct' knowledge about sex and 14% has correct knowledge about HIV prevention.

This data indicates that currently the sex education that is given to adolescents is evidently not sufficient.

Original article published by 国际在线专稿

[1] 生殖健康服务 shengzhí jiànkāng fúwu - Services for healthy sex and reproduction

[2] 调查 diàochá - Survey

[3] 六成 liù chéng - 60%

[4] 婚前性行为 hūn qián xìngxíngwéi - Pre-marital sex

[5] 宽容 kuānróng - Permissive, tolerant, flexible

[6] 青少年 qīngshàonián - Youngsters and adolescents

[7] 避孕 bìyùn - Contraception

[8] 意外妊娠 yìwài rènshēn - Accidental pregnancy

[9] 人工流产 réngōngliúchǎn - Abortion

[10] 预防 yùfáng - Prevention

[11] 性教育 xìng jiàoyù - Sex education

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