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第四次中日韩领导人会议在东京举行 - The 4th China-Japan-Korea Summit is being held in Tokyo print version
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第四次中日韩[1]领导人会议[2]22日上午在东京(Tokyo)举行,中国总理温家宝[3]与日本首相[4]菅直人 (Naoto Kan)、韩国总统[5]李明博)Lee Myung-bak)出席会议并分别致辞。 




The 4th summit of leaders of China, Japan and Korea was held in Tokyo on the morning of May 22nd. Chinese premier Wen Jiabao attended meeting and made speeches in front of Japanese prime minister Naoto Kan and Korean president Lee Myung-bak.

On the 22nd, Chinese premier Wen Jiabao, said in Tokyo that China, Japan and Korea are neighboring countries and have close relations and extensive common interests. The three countries certainly must overcome difficulties and promote partnership ties between each other. Wen Jiabao said in his speech that more than two months ago Japan has suffered the worse earthquake and tsunami in history, bringing about severe casualties and loss of property. China is willing to provide aid to Japan. The Japanese people have expressed composure, courage and unity when facing the calamity, and he believes that residents of the disaster area could definitely overcome the difficulties and rehabilitate their homes. Wen also emphasized that the dialogue meeting is the ultimate way to solve the problem of the Korean Peninsula.

After the summit, the leaders of the three countries met reporters. Wen Jiabao said in the press conference that the situation of the Korea Peninsula was discussed in this session of the China-Japan-Korea leaders' summit. The three sides unanimously believe that defending peace and stability in the peninsula and achieving denuclearization is in accord with the common interests. At present, the situation in the peninsula is calm. Interactions between all the sides are increased, though there are still many unsettled elements.

Wen Jiabao said that talks between the six sides (Korea, North Korea, China, USA, Russia, Japan) have been stagnated for more than two years, and many changes took place in the region since. The Chinese side has continuously urged reconciliation, and is promoting talks between the six sides. Such talks could be very effective in defending peace and stability in the region, as well as achieving denuclearization in the peninsula.

[1] 中日韩 zhōngrì hán - Short for 中国,日本,韩国; China, Japan and Korea

[2]第四次中日韩领导人会议 dìsì cì zhōngrì hán lǐngdǎorén huìyì - 4th Korea-Japan-China Summit; a summit held in Tokyo this year, May 21-22, where the common interests of the three countries are discussed

[3] 总理温家宝 zǒnglǐ wēnjiābǎo - Wen Jiabao, China premier, the highest administrative position in the Chinese government

[4] 首相 shǒuxiàng - Prime minister

[5] 总统 zǒngtǒng - President

[6] 地震 dìzhèn - Earthquake

[7] 海啸 hǎixiào - Tsunami

[8] 朝鲜半岛 cháoxiǎnbàndǎo - Korean Peninsula

[9] 记者会 jìzhěhuì - Press conference

[10] 无核化 wú hé huà - Denuclearization

[11] 六方会谈 liù fāng huìtán - '6 sides conference'; international meeting participated by US, China, Japan, Russia, Korea and North Korea, addressing the problems of the Korea Peninsula, particularly the tension between South and North Korea.

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